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Sophia’s Safari Bushveld field guide for wild kids

Just when I think I can’t love a book more Wild kids book writes a new one …
I can’t wait to take this little field guide into the bush with Hamish. A true gem and the perfect companion for all wild children.
Kayleigh has managed to condense a wealth of information as well as include a checklist, activities, and things to do for the kids into this little keepsake book.
Sophia’s Safari Bushveld field guide for Wild kids is a beautiful condensed checklist and activity guide that is the perfect companion for any nature-loving child on Safari.
You can catch a sneak peek of this beautiful book here
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Sophia Safari series 2 – Conservation book review

Wild kids book has new book !

Sophia’s Safari series 2 – Conservation 
Kayleigh has beautifully combined a love of nature with her natural writing and artistic talent to deliver a book that not only teaches children about conservation but inspires them to be wildlife warriors.
A gem on the bookshelf this book teaches you everything you need to know about biodiversity, ecosystems, animal classification, threats to nature, and information on our South African wildlife.
The illustrations and pictures are realistic, engaging, and open up for a further conversation on the various topics.
This book has been written in an easy-to-read language for little ones to understand and bigger kids to read themselves.
If you buy one book this year …this should be it.
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Sophia Safari series 1 – The African Animal Alphabet series – book review

In May I purchased some of the Sophia Safari books by Kayleigh Huysamen from Wild kids books.
This collection of African Animal Alphabet books is so amazing and covers 2 animals per book. ( For example Aardvark and Ant or Buffalo and Baboon)
Each book tells a story about the family, their 3 children, and their adventures with wildlife.
The books also contain pages of facts about the animals, helping your child to expand both their knowledge and vocabulary while they learn more.
The illustrations are beautiful, opening up many opportunities for conversation and curiosity to develop.
The stories are exciting, the characters relatable, and the information relevant for South African children.
I will definitely be purchasing the rest of this series as they speak right to Hamish’s interests.
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Hamish is a Wild kids book ambassador

A few months ago on the hunt to find the perfect reading books for Hamish I discovered the amazing Wild kid’s books written by Kayleigh Huysamen.

One look at her books and  I knew they were perfectly written for little wild children who loved nature like Hamish.
I immediately bought a set and since then, Kayleigh has published 2 new books and today Hamiish very proudly announced that he is a brand ambassador for Wild kids books.

About Wild kids books

Kayleigh is a farmer’s wife and homeschool mom to 3 adorable children who feature in her stories. They live in Zululand, Kzn, and run a sugarcane and game farm reserve.
Kayleigh writes with an obvious love of nature and it’s no surprise to discover that she studied pathology and microbiology. Her teaching experience comes across in her books as each book is both informative and broken down to a child’s level of understanding.
All the books center around the fun her family experiences on their farm and teach children about conservation,  Wildlife, birding, plants, and farm life.
Each book is written with the following goals :
  • To make reading fun through relatable adventures
  • To inspire a passion for wildlife and natural spaces
  • To encourage children to be outside and to explore the outdoors
  • To educate children about wildlife, nature and conservation.

Book series

You can currently purchase the following books and series from Wild kids books
Sophia’s Safari series 1
These books are all about wildlife, nature, and conservation. You will join Sophia as she travels with her family in the African bush in search of interesting places and animals.
Sophia’s Safari series 2
These books focus on teaching your child ways to contribute to saving endangered species, and about South African wildlife, conservation, and nature.
Sophia’s Safari bush field guide for wild kids
This beautiful book is filled with checklists and information for your child to learn and dis over. With a place to store and record memories of their trip, this book is a wonderful keepsake journal.
Adventures with Asher series 
An educational reading series aimed at children in Grades 1 & 2. You will join Asher as he discovers the joy in his daily farming adventures. Designed to focus on the fundamental skills of reading and phonics.
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What we are currently reading

Happy World Book day 
Books are a huge part of our day. From school reading, reading for pleasure and bedtimes stories, we have a huge collection of books that we have fallen in love with over the years.
We often read many of the same stories over and over, so much so that Hamish could recite the story to me. but I honestly love that there are so many authors who have paved the way for his love of reading.
So many books where the characters have come alive through a beautiful collaboration of text and illustrations, where he was taught a lesson, or when a book walked a journey with us.
Some of our current favourites are: 

A Frog a whale and a princess tale by Tina Scotford

The land of Kachoo books by Tina Scotford

– The mighty elephant in the land of Kachoo
– The leopard and the bush baby in the land of Kachoo
– Lost in the land of Kachoo
– Saving the rhino in the land of Kachoo

The local artists published for Wimpy by Ethnikids

– Monkey and Crocodile
-How the elephant saved summer
– Nana Boselele
– How the owl got its hoot

Storybook Stars

Hamish’s personalised storybook from Storybook stars where he is the hero in the book.

Two oceans aquarium puppet series books

-Wild pets
-I love turtles
-I live smart
-keep the beach clean
-Water cycle adventures

The magic of Kirstenbosch by Donnaleen Coue

And not forgetting Julia Donaldson

-The Gruffalo
-The Gruffalo’s child
-Room on the broom
What are your children currently reading?
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Balloons for Tiger by Lori

This book review is in connection with At Home Authors

Title : Balloons for Tiger

Author: Lori Orlinsky

Illustrator: Vanessa Alexandre

Publisher: Mascot Books

Death of a pet is a hard loss for children to understand. How do you help your child heal from this experience?

Lori Orlinsky has written the book every Home needs in order to open discussions around death and to help children both process and heal.

The story, in rhyme, follows the journey of some balloons set free in memory of the families beloved cat, Tiger and the whimsical illustrations help to convey the amazing journey they go on before funding Tiger on a cloud.

Written in age-appropriate language and with a parent guide in the back, this is one of the best stories we have read this year.

Book sponsored by

At Home Authors

Photos: Kindle 

Recommended age: 3-8 years




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Alycat and the Tournament Tuesday by Alysson Foti Bourque

This book review is in connection with At Home Author 

Title : Alycat and the Tournament Tuesday

Author: Alysson Forti Bourque

Illustrator: Chiara Civati

Publisher: Mascot Books

The story of a cute pair of cats, Aly and her brother Bugsy, who Learn that hard work, perseverance, and practice pay off.

Bugsy is off to a golf tournament but has forgotten his lucky ball behind. Aly runs back to fetch it and realizes at the tournament that she has the wrong ball.

She draws a star in but when the ball lands in a puddle of water, Bugsy discovers as the star wipes off, his lucky ball is not really his lucky ball.

Despondent,  his parents explain how well he has done and how he doesn’t need the lucky ball to win.

A beautiful story of believing in yourself, perseverance, family support, and how practicing and working hard at your dreams helps you to accomplish a win.

A wonderful opportunity for parents to open lifeskill discussions as well as a great book to introduce the game of golf and explain the terminology used in the game. The book has a glossary of terms at the end of the story.

With its whimsical and expressive illustrations, young readers will automatically relate to the characters.

Book sponsored by

Photos: Kindle screenshot

Recommended age: 3-8 years

Available : Kindle

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Nanana Bonselesele by Lebohang Masango

Title :Nanana Bonselesele

Author:Lebohang Masango

Illustrator: Subiaco Bosa

Publisher: Ethniki Kids Publishers

This tale is the story of Nanna Boselesele who is a wise, smart and brave woman. She builds her home on the busy road much to the bemusement of everyone.

As normal, one day she sets off to work leaving her beautiful children alone in the house. Several animals ask whose children they are and warn of Sondonzima the mighty elephant.

Very soon Sondonzima comes past and captures the children, swallowing them into his belly.

When Nanana returns to find her children missing she gathers her supplies and goes in search of the elephant to free her children and save the day.

Hamish thoroughly enjoyed the story and I found he related well to the characters.  He was super eager to get the children out of the elephants tummy.

I however would warn you if you have a sensitive child or animal lover, not to read this until they are a bit older as the elephant is harmed and we spent quite a bit of time explaining that it was just a story and no elephants were really harmed.

The illustrations are fun with lots of details and allow for the opening of discussion.

Overall, I really did love the story but would recommend this book for an older group only due to the sensitivity we encountered with regards to the elephant.

This book was not sponsored.

Photos: Fun mamma SA

Recommended age: 7 -12 year

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How the elephant saved summer by Refiloe Moahloli

Title : How the elephant saved Summer

Author: Refiloe Moahloli

Illustrator: Katlego Kgabale

Publisher: Ethniki Kids Publishers

Did you know that Elephants could knock over the mighty Boabab tree if it eats the bark?

For many years because of this reason the elephants were not invited to any of the festivities around the Boabab tree.

But there has been no celebrations for a long time as the sky has not cried at all, causing drought and hunger for the animals.

One little elephant breaks free and starts talking to the Boabab tree and together they realize that the elephant nose is a trunk and the Baobabs bottom is a trunk, and so begins their friendship.

With quick thinking, the elephants start to suck the water stored in the Boabab trunk and fill the dam to save the animals.

And the sky saw how beautiful it was and cried many happy tears.

From that day on the elephants were invited to all the parties.

I absolutely loved this story. It was sweet and a nice reminder that we shouldn’t judge others on what people say or believe but to get to know them ourselves.

I also loved that Hamish immediately identified the need for communities to work together to solve a problem.

The illustrations are powerfully descriptive and relatable to young children.

A beautiful story that I will read to him often.

This book was not sponsored

Photos: Fun mamma SA

Recommended age: 3-8 years

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The Monkey and the crocodile by Sindiwe Magona

Title : Monkey and Crocodile

Author: Sindiwe Magona

Illustrator: Susie Appleby

Publisher: EthnikiKids Publishing

A sweet tale about a monkey and a Crocodile. The good hearted monkey knows that sharing is caring and so shares his bananas with the hungry Crocodile and so they become friends.

One day the Crocodile offers to show the monkey his world and takes him far from his tree only to let him know that he won’t return home as the Crocodile king needs a monkey heart to prevent him from dying.

The quick thinking monkey then trucks the sneaky Crocodile into taking him home.

This is a sweet story and highlights the importance of staying calm and thinking smart if you are in trouble.

The illustrations are fun, expressive and on point. It is easy to tell the story from the pictures alone and for little ones this makes it easier for them to retell the story back.

We love this book and can see us reading it often.

This book was not sponsored

Photos: Fun mamma SA

Recommended age: 3-8 years