World Read Aloud Day 2024

7 February 2024 marks Nal’ibali’s 12th World Read Aloud Day celebrations and you can be part of the fun! The Nal’ibali World Read Aloud  Day 2024 original story “The Lost Kitten” comes in the Standard and Early Childhood versions and is available for FREE in all 12 South African languages at
The story can be enjoyed by all young children including those in Early Childhood Development centres (ECDs), schools, reading clubs, and families. Reading and telling stories together can happen anywhere, anytime. So, make 2024 a reading year starting by pledging to read this Nal’ibali story with your family on World Read Aloud Day.  

Help Nal’ibali read to 2 million children on WRAD 2024. Here’s how to make your pledge for World Read Aloud Day 2024:  
·      Visit 
·      WhatsApp “WRAD” to 060 044 2254   
·      Download the story in your preferred language      
·      Practice reading the story aloud before the big day!     
·      Get your family, friends, colleagues, and community to pledge     
Reading need not only happen on World Read Aloud Day, so choose the option of continuing your post-WRAD reading journey on the pledge form and Nal’ibali will send you regular stories! 

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