Almost Time To Fly A Kite At The 29th CAPE TOWN KITE FESTIVAL – 29 October 2023

 Almost Time To Fly A Kite At The 29th CAPE TOWN KITE FESTIVAL | 29 October 2023

Join us this weekend for our Pop-Up Fly Event:
Date: Sunday, 29 October 2023
Venue: Melkbosstrand Beach (Opposite The Silver Bay Steak Ranch)
Time: 10H00 – 15H00


When #TheSkyIsYourCanvas, flying kites becomes a colourful expression of freedom, creativity, and joy. With each kite soaring high, dreams take flight, painting the heavens with vibrant hues of hope and imagination. This OctoberCape Mental Health is inspiring children, youth, and the young at heart to soar high by flying kites, raising awareness for mental health. Feel the wind’s embrace, the tug of the string. Let your kite dance among the clouds, and explore the limitless possibilities that await when you let your spirit soar. 
Join us in October for Cape Mental Health‘s annual flagship event – the 29th Cape Town Kite Festival – as we come together to raise funds that fuel the vital mission of providing essential, cost-free mental healthcare services and interventions to those who require it most. By investing in children and youth, we lay the foundation for the prevention of mental health disorders, empowering young people to unleash their full potential and pursue their dreams without limitations. 
“In October, the sky which has no limits, will become a beautiful canvas adorned with messages of hope and encouragement. In times of trouble and adversity hope, support and kindness help us to hold on. Hope is the anchor that supports our mental health and gives us the courage to take one more step. It reassures us of better days to come – hope removes fear.  As kites soar against the adverse winds, it helps us to dream about a future filled with possibilities, holding on and never giving up.” – Dr Ingrid Daniels, Cape Mental Health CEO.
Age is no barrier to dreaming; everyone from the youngest to the oldest and every age in-between is invited to view and fly kites at Melkbosstrand beach in Cape Town on Sunday, 29 October 2023. Our annual Pop-Up Fly enjoys wonderful support as hundreds of people flock to the beach on this family day to enjoy viewing the ‘show kites’ flown by South African kiters Mari Ware-Lane, Bradley Ware-Lane, Bobby Gathoo, Brian Skinner, Wesley Beales, Frans Marais and others.
Join Cape Mental Health for their annual flagship event this weekend at Melkbosstrand Beach!
Date: Sunday, 29 October 2023
Venue: Melkbosstrand Beach (Opposite The Silver Bay Steak Ranch)
Time: 10H00 – 15H00
Unite with kite enthusiasts worldwide and take part in the 29th Cape Town Kite Festival, wherever you are, throughout October 2023. Soar high with your kite, capture the magic in photos and videos, and spread messages of inspiration. Share your kite-flying journey by tagging #TheSkyIsYourCanvas and @CTKiteFest, and standing a chance to be featured on the official CTKiteFest social media channels. Let’s unite to create a global celebration of the joy and beauty of kite-flying and mental health awareness.
Explore the captivating content on the CTKiteFest website, featuring an array of activities, and embark on a virtual journey to ignite your creativity and foster an appreciation for the art of kite flying.
As South Africa embraces the onset of summer, October provides the perfect opportunity to venture outdoors, embrace the thrill of flying a kite, and immerse yourself in a world of play and freedom. Join us in raising awareness and supporting Cape Mental Health as we revel in the magic of kite flying, and create cherished memories while contributing to a worthy cause. Let the winds of October carry us towards a brighter future filled with compassion and mental well-being.
Let’s unite in support of mental health and create a brighter future for generations to come.
Since 1994, Cape Mental Health has proudly hosted the Cape Town Kite Festival, Africa’s oldest kiting event, dedicated to raising funds and advocating for mental wellness. To learn more about the upcoming 29th Cape Town Kite Festival, visit: Discover the rich history and exciting details of this remarkable event that brings together the power of kites and the importance of mental health.
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