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Last month we received the most gorgeous books from Erratic.tales, and I’ve been waiting to introduce you to these delightful tales.

The Tea-Tyme Taylz

Wonder into the wacky world of the Tea-Tyme Taylz by Jen Grobowski & Dr Fahr-nie.

These beautifully illustrated books are full of rhymes, plays on words and fun; quirky illustrations by Paul Grobowski, and will make a wonderful addition to your child’s imagination and bookcase.

Each book is printed in black and while, allowing your kids to colour in the characters and bring them to life as they read.

Hamish loves Mr Tjeezie Tea-Tyme mouse and his friend Crosspatch cat.

Follow them in book 1 – In the Tea-Tyme Jungle and see if Mr Mouse will share the recipe of his spectacular cup of tea with the Cross patch cat.

In book 2 – Lickerty Lollipop Woods, you can meet the invisible goat as the friends pass through the Lickerty Lollipop Woods.

And book 3 – Owl Say! Owl Say ! your child will meet the rest of the Tea-Tyme Taylz crew and learn the secret to making a spectacular cup of tea.

These fantasy books will keep your children entertained and amused whilst allowing them the freedom to be creative.

To encourage creativity you can also purchase the fun coloring in book.

Hamish immediately grabbed the coloring in book and started looking for his favourite character from the books ….the invisible goat.

The Tea-Tyme-Taylz coloring in book is created to accompany the cute Tea-Tyme Taylz story books with fun and quirky pictures to colour in.

I love the rhymes and play on words throughout the book and this is perfect for children 6+

Discount code

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