Achmat Dangor Literary Prize Winner Announced

Achmat Dangor Literary Prize Winner Announced

The Achmat Dangor Legacy Project and Leseding La Dinaledi Foundation are excited to announce the winner of the prestigious Achmat Dangor Literary Prize, dedicated to honouring Black South African authors. The prize, established in honour of acclaimed South African author Achmat Dangor, aims to uplift and recognize outstanding contributions to literature.

After a rigorous selection process, Laila Manack has been chosen from a pool of talented submissions.


Laila Manack is an accomplished author known for her debut novel, “Sisters of the Circus,” published by Penguin Random House. Born with a syndrome affecting her hearing in one ear, Laila’s unique perspective enriches her storytelling, offering a mature approach that intertwines moral questioning throughout her narratives. Laila has also been featured as a participant at literary events such as the Franschhoek Literary Festival, further establishing her presence in the literary community. Her dedication to the craft is evident, and her impact on the literary scene continues to grow, captivating audiences with her thought-provoking storytelling.


“Laila has demonstrated exceptional literary prowess, embodying the spirit of Achmat Dangor’s legacy and we are excited to work with her on her new novel” says Thabiso Mahlape managing partner of the project. “This achievement marks a significant milestone in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the literary world, echoing the principles championed by Achmat Dangor throughout his illustrious career.”


The Achmat Dangor Literary Prize not only celebrates Laila but also highlights the importance of supporting and amplifying voices from underrepresented communities which is expected to have a profound impact on her career and the broader literary landscape.


For more information on the Book Prize Contact: Leseding La Dinaledi Foundation 

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