Share a little love with Blessing stones

Blessing stones 

I believe that we have the power to add a little magic into the lives of those around us.

This can happen in a million small ways and often cost very little. Smile at the person passing you, let someone go ahead in the queue, offer to carry shopping for someone struggling, pay for coffee, or pop them a note of gratitude and appreciation.

These are the small things they will remember and may just need on a bad day.

As the saying goes….

A person won’t remember what you did for them, but they will always remember how you made them feel. 

And these are the values I hope my children continue. That they understand the power of a random act of kindness or a thoughtful gesture.


They won’t learn this if I don’t set the example and so Hamish and I spent some time on new years day, making blessings stores for the neighbours.

Blessing stones

What is a blessing stone ?

A small reminder that you are blessed with a wish for a new year full of love, joy and prosperity.

You can make your own ….

What you need:

  • We used white garden stones
  • markers ( permanent markers are best)
  • Paint if you want to paint the stones first
  • Stickers ( optional)


  • Decorate your stones. Be sure to note that the stones are clean and free from sand before you start, as any debris on the stone will cause the marker not to work. If you are painting the stones first. Allow enough time for them to dry before decorating. If you are ysing Stickers you may want to use a modge podge, varnish or clear nail polish to secure the sticker and stop it from falling off later.
  • Once your stones are decorated and dry,leave them at your neighbour’s door, in their post boxes or at their gates.


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