2021 …

As the new year rings in my phone is usually alive with pings and posts.

Well wishers sharing New year blessings from long before the stroke of midnight until the middle of a new days afternoon.


2021 hasn’t brought about any of the fan fare.

My phone has remained quiet, subtle hints at new year messages are scattered in social media pages and images of candles burning for those we lost during 2020 have replaced the jovial party images of popped champagne corks and fireworks.

2021 has arrived, quietly. Almost too afraid to bring too much hope as we watch the numbers of those infected by the virus climb and remember those who we lost in 2020.

2021 feels cautious. Aware that not much has changed in the world around us and yet at the same time understanding just how much our lives have changed.

2021 in her subtleness, offers support and empathy.

Knowing, full well, that we are still trying to digest the events of the last 9 months and like a pregnant mother she is prepared to ease us into a new way of life.

2021 ….

May she bring you a year of good health, sufficient wealth and abundant happiness as you start to write the story of this blank book.

May this be the year that we continue to show empathy and gratitude.

A year of growth and progression for us all.

A year where we keep our families and homes our core focus and continue to stay close to nature.

May we in 2021 learn to be kind …mostly to ourselves.

And may we be blessed with opportunities to learn and flourish.

May 2021 be the year you remember , not for struggles or sadness but for love.

Happy New Year !

With love

Judy & Hamish

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