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Hello 2022

Hello 2022
It has been a rather long festive period and after 2 weeks of Coronavirus, I am exstremly happy to enter the new year virus-free and feeling a lot more like myself.
Although I’m still getting very tired when I exert myself, I’m happy to say that I don’t feel anywhere near as bad as I did over Christmas. You can read my blog Covid for Christmas here

How we spent new year

This year, both our new years eve and new years day were very quiet. We chose to celebrate at home with a small braai and late-night movies. How parenting changes your once wild party days. Also, I normally fall asleep long before the midnight curfew.
We had told Hamish he could stay up until midnight, he was, however, asleep by 9 pm. We were both in bed by 12.01 am. Hopefully next year we are less worn out and stay awake till the wee hours or not.
New years day we spent at home playing board games and nibbling on the braai meat from the day before. It was very relaxing and as neither of us had much of an appetite due to post covid symptoms, this was the easiest way to keep fed and recovering.
We did however run out to Makro and buy Hamish his new bicycle with the money his Uncle sent him. Finding a bicycle post-Christmas is also like looking for a needle-in-a-haystack. We eventually found a really great BMX and he tested it out in-store.
The bicycle was a huge hit and he took to it like a duck to water. Before we knew it he was zooming down the complex driveway and my poor mother-heart was just about bursting as I envisioned him rolling down that hill at 10km an hour. He didn’t thankfully and seems to know where the brakes are at least.

New year resolutions or lack thereof

As the new year starts I must admit this is most likely the first year that I’ve not made a New years resolution list. I don’t have my word of the year or even a new vision board planned out.
My goals for the year haven’t been set and I don’t even have a New year, new me plan. No calendar, no diary, and no new journal waiting to be started.
Why do you ask?
Mostly because I honestly haven’t felt well enough to do it but also I think, because the last two years have been so unpredictable that I’m in a mental state of just winging it and hoping for the best.
This doesn’t seem like the most logical plan to set intentions for the year, even if it is the most realistic in pandemic times, so I will most likely work on these as we enter the new week.
However, I want to leave you with the words that hit home for me this year …..
new year
Happy New year everyone. May 2022 bring you health, wealth, happiness, and an abundance of love.
new year message
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2021 …

As the new year rings in my phone is usually alive with pings and posts.

Well wishers sharing New year blessings from long before the stroke of midnight until the middle of a new days afternoon.


2021 hasn’t brought about any of the fan fare.

My phone has remained quiet, subtle hints at new year messages are scattered in social media pages and images of candles burning for those we lost during 2020 have replaced the jovial party images of popped champagne corks and fireworks.

2021 has arrived, quietly. Almost too afraid to bring too much hope as we watch the numbers of those infected by the virus climb and remember those who we lost in 2020.

2021 feels cautious. Aware that not much has changed in the world around us and yet at the same time understanding just how much our lives have changed.

2021 in her subtleness, offers support and empathy.

Knowing, full well, that we are still trying to digest the events of the last 9 months and like a pregnant mother she is prepared to ease us into a new way of life.

2021 ….

May she bring you a year of good health, sufficient wealth and abundant happiness as you start to write the story of this blank book.

May this be the year that we continue to show empathy and gratitude.

A year of growth and progression for us all.

A year where we keep our families and homes our core focus and continue to stay close to nature.

May we in 2021 learn to be kind …mostly to ourselves.

And may we be blessed with opportunities to learn and flourish.

May 2021 be the year you remember , not for struggles or sadness but for love.

Happy New Year !

With love

Judy & Hamish

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Making Your New Years Resolutions a Reality

After a long relaxing holiday, it is sometimes difficult to get back to reality and face the New Year.

The festive season is so busy with holiday plans and family festivities, you never have the time to think about yourself and all that you will need to help and make your New Year’s resolution a reality.

For most of us , we promise that we will go to the gym when we start work after our holidays. Our resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle and then the excuses start…

“I don’t have a gym bag, I’m too scared to use my new phone as I might drop it at the gym and I don’t have the right equipment, food or clothing to get into this new lifestyle that I have promised myself.”

The best way to make sure that you actually follow through with these promises is to make an investment and buy the equipment you will need to accomplish these goals.

How to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality

We have put together a list of things that you will need to help make your new-year’s resolution a reality.

Solo Hybrid bags:

Now that you need to go to the gym after work, you need to get a bag that is easy to carry and that can separate your sweaty gym clothes from your office equipment.

Solo hybrid bags can be carried anyway you need and converts from a Carry bag to Backpack in seconds.

You will never need another bag for your new lifestyle again.

Priced from R899

Body Glove wireless earphones

You would like to listen to your favourite tunes at the gym but you hate untangling the wires before you start your workout.

Body Glove mini-Bluetooth ear-buds are sweat proof and no wires will interfere with your workout.

Priced at R999

SNüG wireless chargers

The New Year is so jam-packed with work that your phone’s battery does not last the day.

You can charge your phone with the wireless magnetic car charger or take power with you and charge with the wireless charging powerbank from SNüG.

Priced from R399.

UAG rugged phone cases

These rugged phone cases are drop tested and built for an active lifestyle. Whether you are in the gym or on a hike, you can be confident that your phone will always be protected against accidental drops.

Priced from R599

Now that you have all the equipment you need, and you have invested the money to kick start your new lifestyle, you will no longer be able to put it off and this year, you might actually follow through with the goals that you have been setting for yourself for the last few years.

These products are available in SA from Vodacom stores, Incredible Connection, and online on, and