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We had fun at the first WordPress Wordcamp daycare

One of the events we look forward to each year is the WordPress Wordcamp.

Unfortunately I missed a year as I didn’t have care for Hamish. So, when I saw a call for a volunteer to head a daycare for the parents attending I immediately volunteered.

Many times over the years, with no family support I have missed amazing events and opportunities and know the value of someone offering daycare.

Along with fellow Blogboss mom, Colleen we spent 2 amazing days with the most awesome kids.

Day 1

We arrived at Lagoon Beach Hotel, armed with half my house of toys and not knowing what to expect at all.

The Hotel staff were so accommodating and friendly and we found ourselves in the Rainbow room fully kitted out for kiddies to play.

Hamish and the other kids spent the time having their faces painted, building puzzles and Lego, reading and painting giant box monsters.

We were able to take some time to play outside at the roof top play area, which I fell in love with.

The Hotel is built on the ocean allowing us to access the beach. The kids had great fun building sand castles, going for a beach walk and collecting shells before dipping their feet in the cold water.

One of the best features of the day was that moms could check in on their kiddies and have them join them for lunch and tea times.

Day 2

For day 2 we were a bit more prepared and took a lot less with us.

The kids had new friends join and our daycare was bustling with kids of various ages.

Cartoons, puzzles, books, paints, Lego and stories kept this busy group occupied.

We enjoyed some sand art and stamping fun.

Their favourite activity was the soccer table and it was very sweet watching the Youth camp older kiddies teaching the little ones how to play.

Again we took advantage of the outdoor play area and spent an hour on the beach where the kids had a sandbuilding competition, dug holes and learnt about some of the ocean treasures that had washed up on the shore.

It was a fun two days and I’m looking forward to next years Wordcamp daycare.

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Fair Cape factory tour

Last week I was invited to a factory tour at Fair Cape Dairies. To say I was excited was a slight understatement.

A factory tour

I arrived at the Fair Cape factory and greeted a group of fellow bloggers and food journalists.

After a quick briefing by the experienced and knowledgeable staff we were kitted out in factory gear and headed off to see where the magic happens.

I even got a pink hair net.

The first thing that was evident was how strict the hygiene policy is at the factory. We were shown how to scrub up correctly before entering the factory and at other areas we were asked to sanitise our hands again.

The factory is meticulously clean and temperatures are set to assist with the yoghurt making process.

Large shining silver containers containing the dairy that make our favourite yoghurt snacks greeted us.

We were then expertly guided through the factory and each process was explained to us.

I was, and still am fascinated by these amazing machines and the people that operate them with such precision.

I could have watched the process of yoghurt pots being made, filled and labeled all day.

This was such a fun, educational visit.

Why I love Fair Cape

As a household Fair Cape is our preferred dairy brand.

They have become a name I trust with high quality products and Hamish loves that Barney is on his favourite yoghurt and Batman on his milkshake.

But mostly, I know that by purchasing Fair Cape products I’m supporting a company that does it’s part to give back.

Fair Cape established the Fair Cape Cares Foundation in order to make a difference in the many beneficiaries they support.

By purchasing Fair Cape products and supporing the Fair Cape Cares Foundation events, you add to this amazing initiative.

Today,on International Charity Day, I would like to encourage you to ” do the right thing” and buy the Fair Cape charity yoghurt 6 packs. 50c from each pack goes back to the foundation to make a difference.

To learn more about our favourite dairy or the Fair Cape Cares Foundation visit

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Be a woman of worth

Many years ago I read this scripture thinking wow ! That woman is amazing ….I hope I can be like that one day.

Then life happened …. I grew! I made good choices, I made bad choices and so often I looked at this beautiful scripture and I ticked off each thing that I wasn’t instead of looking to the things I was.

Many years later I realise even on my worst days I am a woman of worth!

So, what is a woman of worth?

A woman of worth to me is someone who uplifts and encourages others, no matter what she is personally going through.

A woman of worth inspires you through her experiences as much as she does her daily life.

Someone who shows courage in the face of adversity or stands up for her beliefs, even at the risk of standing alone.

A woman of worth is loyal, to her family and friends. She supports them with enthusiasm and lifts them up when they are down.

A woman of worth loves fiercely and unconditionally.

She is above all else…kind. knowing that kindness will soften even the harshest words and hold a broken heart together.

She forgives easily.

She is trustworthy. She doesn’t need to use her words or your secrets to hurt anyone or betray a confidence.

She is Grace filled and wise enough to use her words to help and heal. She is honest but tactful. She is kind but stern when needed.

A woman of worth leaves you richer for having known her.

To all the Women of worth in my circle …. thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself

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On my bedside table

Day 15 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge is what is on my bedside table

I share a handmade wooden frame with wicker basket bedside table with Hamish and it never seems big enough for us both.

Next to my bed is the WiFi devise and a lamp that is on Hamishs side do he can access it easily.

Strangely enough he isn’t afraid of the dark and we hardly have the light plugged in as he keeps pulling the plug out.

I have my dove deodorant, Johnson & Johnson baby powder, vix baby rub and my hairbrush.

There’s always a coffee mug ( I drink far too much coffee) and a bottle for Hamish.

Tonight it’s relatively clean but normally you could find odd toys , a forgotten biscuit or scrunched up art project balancing on a sliver of space.

I tidy it every evening and the top draw is my go to hiding spot. I clean the matrix that is a drawer once a week.

What’s on your bedside table ?

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3 things I learnt from the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge

Day 30 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge is what I’ve learnt from this challenge

I’ve learnt that some of the questions were really hard to answer or explain and when setting them for this challenge I honestly thought they were easy. I believe they were harder to answer because they either required me to get honest with myself or think a little out of the comfort of topics I discuss on my blog.

I also learnt that I’m more complex than I once thought 😂 so many answers to one question and so many answers that flexibly change with my mood or hair colour 🤦

I mostly learnt that writing each day on top of my other blog writing, is not as easy as it looks as I sometimes had to catch up a day or two.

I managed to complete 30 topics of writing but they weren’t one a day. ( Which was kind of the point of the challenge) but on another note with trying to fit a post in a day I did actually manage to stay up to date with any other blog writing I wanted to schedule for this month.

So cheers to a great challenge and a huge thank you to those who took part.

You can find our ticket winner on 1 August on the website

What did you learn?

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My favourite blog to follow

The #blogbosswinterblogchallenge day 29 is my favourite blog to follow.

There are quite a few amazing local bloggers I follow and I also like some of the more well known international bloggers.

But the blog / social media account that I’m reading daily is ….

Gary Vee

Just wow! So often when Gary opens his mouth I hear my thoughts.

I love that he reiterated the need to love your life and hold onto happiness instead of idolising material possessions and chasing money.

I love that he believes you can do anything if you focus and that with the right attitude you can achieve your dreams.

Mostly I really love that he doesn’t prescribe to anyone elses beliefs and he knows that age is just a number.

I truly enjoy his blogs/ YouTube channel and social media platforms.

This man speaks my language.

If you not yet following him you can follow him Here

(All images Gary Vee Facebook page)

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My favourite quote

Day 28 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge is to share my favourite motivational quote.

I love this quote because I truly believe that life is what you make it.

You can be dealt a really bad hand and settle for whatever life throws at you or you can get up and make opportunities to live your best life.

What is your favourite quote? I’d love to read them.

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Movie review – PS I love you

Day 26 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge is to review my favourite movie

As I hardly watch TV or movies this had me really thinking hard.

MY favourite movie of all time is PS I love you.

This soppy love story is about a young couple who lose each other to cancer.

The husband, in his wisdom sets up an elaborate search for his wife full of love letters leading her through beautiful memories to new love.

I’m a romantic at heart and just writing how beautifully unselfish that thoughtful act is has me in tears.

This movie encapsulated the true essence of love … Making some one else’s happiness more important than your own.

What was your favourite movie?

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10 tips for new bloggers

Day 24 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge is my blogging tips for beginners

When I first started blogging I really wrote from my heart without much thought or regards for much else.

I found several articles online and it was Mandy from Car seat full stop who offered me assistance should I need.

If you are considering becoming a blogger I would first ask you to understand that it can get competitive. You will most likely lose your motivation along the way. They hype can consume you as you try fit in and it’s not always as easy as it looks ….it’s work!

Next I would suggest the following …..

  • Decide on your niche. Choose a topic you are knowledgeable about
  • Read as many blogs in that niche as you can
  • Write. Daily if you can. Practice makes perfect.
  • Write for your audience.
  • Set your own high quality images to your blog
  • Use a catchy title
  • Edit your blog twice before pressing publish
  • Check all links work
  • Know where to market or share your blog post after it is published
  • Join a blogging community where you can learn new skills

And lastly I suggest you know your reason for blogging. Write this down some place where you can look back often to remind yourself to stay focused 💞

Happy blogging

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10 things about me ….

I was tagged on Instagram by @survivingsavages_blog to share 10 things about myself a while ago and Day 22 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge asks me to share 10 things about myself so I thought I’d share these 10 facts …..

Hamish and me
Me & Hamish – photo credit Mariede Designs

10 things about me

1. Mom life

I’m the mom of 7 amazing children and glam-ma to one sweet granbaby.

My eldest daughter is getting married in September and is 27. My 4 boys are 24, 23,21 and 18. My youngest daughter is 15 and Hamish will be 3 in September.

All 6 of my older kids are from my first marriage and Hamish is from my second marriage to Brent.

Two of my son’s have Aspergers.

2. Working Girl

Aside from being a mom I also run 2 blogs ( Fun mamma SA, a parenting blog and On the road to Fabulous, a motivational lifestyle blog ) and am the co-founder of the company Blogboss which is a service and support platform for bloggers and brands.


3. Learn for life

I love learning and taught for over 20 years.

I ran a private cottage school in the Eastern Cape for 3 years and have taught littlies to matric, including homeschooling my own 6 kids for many years.

Teaching is my passion, from full on in the classroom down to sitting over coffee sharing my knowledge.

4. Not just a pretty face

I am a qualified social media marketer, earning my certificate last year.

I also studied art at technicon many moons ago and hold a few other business certificates ….

Told you I love learning 🤦#geeksquad

Staying organised, writing and always learning

5. Writers life

I’ve been part of 3 book compilations by Ginny stone and you can find my banana rice pudding recipe in Meg faures weaning sense book as well as a kabab recipe of mine in the lunch time ideas recipe book published by Kollanade park.

I’ve written for some rather impressive sites over the years.

My first poem was published when I was 15 by Penguin books . Poetry is still my first love but writing holds my heart.

The kindness book
The kindness book – a compilation of short stories

6. Creative chick

I love being creative.

I woke up at 18, realising my parents had ill prepared me for life and started learning skills like sewing, crochet, cross stitch, baking ,ect in order to be able to teach my children to be more independent.

There very few crafts I haven’t tried and for many years supplemented our income making crafts to sell and holding stalls at craft markets….I make an impressive tutu

Judy MacGregor
Cheating death changes you

7.Cheating death

I survived a pulmonary embolism last year.

Coming close to death leaves you a different person. I find I’m now impatient of drama. I have no time for negativity and I just lose my shit at people who can’t be nice.

8.Small talk

I struggle with small talk. I’m great with a face to face conversation but I really battle online. I blame being born before social media for this.

9. Nature is my calm

Nature is my calm. I love to be walking or just out in the trees. The beach is my happy space and I spent many years living on farms, small holdings and small towns surrounded by nature and animals of all kinds.

Some of our stranger pets were a donkey, a chicken, a crow and a tortise the kids took for a walk.

10. Cheerleader

I’m a cheerleader. I love making others feel great.