A strange man tried to open my door

I recently went away for the weekend to Worcester on a media trip. As you know I love small towns and Worcester is one of those towns that won my heart a while ago.

This time I was booked into a guest farm and the first thing that struck me was just how safe and secure the farm was.
Nevertheless, for a little background to my story, it’s important to know that I had been dropped off by shuttle on the farm,  which is 5 minutes out of town. I was reliant on the shuttle again for any transport, did not know the other two media guests staying at the farm or the number room they were in, and was a bit nervous as previously the media group had all stayed together at the same accommodation.
I was relaxed enough though to take a walk, sit with my door open, and had the farm owner’s number on my phone. So, I was feeling really safe.

An evening out

At 7 pm I was collected for a supper in town, where I met with the full media group and I was dropped at my accommodation around 11 pm. Feeling relaxed and safe I walked from the entrance,  past the lawns, and through the gate into my room for the weekend. Proud of myself for not freaking out at walking alone on a strange farm at 11 pm ( look at me wearing those big girl panties and being all brave and independent and stuff)
Light sleeper
When I got into my room, I showered, made coffee, and worked for a few hours before finally falling asleep around 1am. I’m quite a light sleeper and even at home, the slightest noise wakes me up.
At 3 am I woke to the sound of cars and headlights shining into my room through the curtains. Annoyed by the light, I grabbed my phone and checked the time.
As I lay there scrolling Facebook and casually assuming it was the other guests, I was secretly hoping they would shut up soon so that I could go back to sleep.
Strangers at the door
Next thing I heard was the sound of keys and talking at my door. I immediately rose from the bed, in my short pink nighty and fluffy pink “best mom” slippers, mom bun, and a line of mascara that I hadn’t wiped off properly making me look like a swamp troll, and headed towards the door, flipping the light switch before opening the curtains.
Staring at me from the other side of the door was a rather inebriated round-faced man and his partner. He looked straight at me, not flinching and certainly not realizing that he was trying to open my door with his key.
I want to say I was shocked but it was 3 am, they were loud and I was honestly mostly just really annoyed at the fact that this man was at my door.
I can’t say I was scared, although I normally would be. My plan of action as soon as I rose from my bed was to put on the light, show my face, and phone the farm owner if there was a problem but mostly me and my pink nighty just really wanted to get some sleep as I needed to be ready for a full day itinerary in less than 5 hours. ( Also if you’ve ever parented a teen or young adult who makes more noise coming home in the early hours of the morning than a freight train after a night on the town, then you’ll understand my level of annoyance at Mr drunk dude at the door)
What happened next was mindblowing and made for the best stories over breakfast later that morning…. As Mr drunk dude stood staring at me with his somber look of distain, He promptly informed me, through the glass door as he staggered to try get his key into the lock that he was trying to get into number 5. His voice hinted at the fact that I was illegally occupying his room.
Excuse me!
I very quickly pointed out, mom bun now nodding as ferociously as my hand gestures and in my best annoyed-as-shit mom tone, that I was in fact room number 2.
My swamp troll look or the serious mom tone must have brought him to a quick realization that aunty pink nighty may just take off that pink fluffy slipper and throw it at him and he quickly apologized as he staggered off into the darkness with his loyal mystery woman, who didn’t say a word the entire 10 minutes that Mr drunk dude was at the door.
I, on the other hand, laughing to myself as I checked the door and closed the curtains, plonked back on the bed in my pink nighty, half amused and half puzzled as to how exactly he figured a strange woman would be randomly locking him out of his accommodation.
Lying there trying to go back to sleep I wondered what his mystery woman was thinking if he ever found his room and mostly if my nightly was revealing in the light ( I hope not )
Well, I guess what happens in Worcester stays in Worcester but this travel tale was just too funny not to share.
Ps ….if you’re the man who saw me in my swamp troll pink nighty, that may be a bit short …oops! I’m sure you are retelling this story too.

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