My dream body

As I get older, I obviously notice the parts of me that are no longer as youthful as they once were.

7 children, illness and age have taken their toll on my once agile body and lately I’ve changed my opinions about a little plastic surgery.

Although I’m increadibly squeamish of needles and hospitals, and I’m also infact not really a big fan of surgery, I could see the benefit to having a flaw fixed to restore your self esteem and help you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror.

I think, especially as women, we are often so critical of every aspect of our physical selves that more often than not we are our own worst enemies and what can happen when a women takes the decision to have plastic surgery is that by taking her shame away she opens herself up to loving herself more.

My flaws

Now unlike most women who welcome plastic surgery and other body transformation options, I doubt I would ever have anything surgically done on my face and I’m on the fence when it comes to botox.

Those lips look amazing but I don’t know that I would like anyone injecting me in my lips or forehead. The thought of the needle and pain makes me suddenly squirmish.

But having said this there are many times when plastic surgery to the face would be important to restoring the confidence and self esteem of a person.

In the event of injury to the face or for someone who may have a concious worry over the shape of a nose or wrinkles and other facial flaws.

In this regard I would think finding a trusted and well reputed plastic surgen would be your best option to ensure that the surgery is a success.

But, I would consider a tummy tuck to remove the excess baby weight that seems to have fused with a midlife spread.

Oh the dream of a once flat stomach without 4 years of yo-yo dieting and constantly trying to fit in exercise along with mom life and work sounds like a dream come true.

And whilst I’m dreaming up my body transformation, let’s talk breasts.

I’m happy with my breast size so I wouldn’t consider an implant but a lift wouldnt harm.

My perky 20 year old breasts would love my more mature 40 year old body ( provided I actually have the tummy tuck that is)

Yes, I think these two procedures are definitely options I would consider right now in my life.

Although my dream body transformation sounds increadibly easy and lighthearted in this post, and I’m not sure I would honestly ever get the courage to have them done.

My opinions on plastic surgery have shifted. I no longer see plastic surgery as a shallow option for women to look good, there are actually many benefits to plastic surgery to those who chose these procedures.

Often it is not an easy choice to make and those who do choose to have plastic surgery still need to spend time in recovery, which can often be painful.

I think for me the biggest benefit I could see in someone using plastic surgery to correct their flaws would be the development of self esteem and confidence.

Some surgery, like rhinoplasty or breast reduction can assist in improving your physical health.

Whilst other surgery, especially to women who are plagued by bad body image, can assist in developing a positive attitude and enhance mental health as they now view themselves as perfect.

So, whilst I bite into my chocolate and dream of thinner thighs and half heartedly Google if my medical aid want to pay for my tummy tuck , I know should I ever decide to actually do this that there is no shame in improving your physical appearance to look and feel good about yourself.

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