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June has started on an exciting note with the launch of the Fun Mamma SA Magazine.

After 12 years of consistant growth for Fun mamma SA, bringing my dream of a magazine to life felt like the next step in the natural growth of my brand, as I launched the very first edition of the Fun Mamma SA Magazine on Saturday,  1 June.

For many years, I’ve toyed with the idea, always wanting to add a more practical element to my blog,and this year just seemed like the right time.

Why a magazine? 

In a world where the consumer wants fast paced, video content, why a magazine you may ask?

For me and I am sure I speak for many parents, when I say this, I often don’t have much time to read long content and I often find myself wishing that I’d book marked or taken notes on several topics that I read about, so, a magazine will allow me to bring you a series of great written articles, high quality photos and the option to go back to that at any time as you juggle mom/wife/work/ life!

But, I also hear you say, Judy doesn’t your blog do the same?

Yes, it does but it doesn’t condense all of the information in one place. You still need to sift through my archives to find relevant information, especially the older content where I focused on baby and toddler topics, and whilst my blog will always be my first love, the magazine just allows me to keep a condensed series of articles and ideas for moms to flip through at their leisure each month.

With more than 500 people logging on to read the magazine in it’s first day of launch, I am both blown away and excited to know that moms still want to read a magazine.

Volume 1

The first issue focuses on many of the topics I love…Cape Town places to visit, holiday activities, crafts, recipes, parenting tips and naturally a competition to win a photoshoot.


Read the magazine here 

Please take a browse and share your feedback so I can bring you a family magazine for the whole family. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and topics you’d like to see more of in upcoming monthly volumes.

Final thoughts

Putting this together was definitely a labour of love and I have so much still to learn about building and growing a magazine.

I can’t wait for you to watch the growth and development of the magazine as you have my blog.



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  1. Congratulations on your magazine! It is beautiful and filled with interesting content – well worth a read.

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