3 great reasons to buy your child Pokemon cards

Hamish is currently obsessed with Pokémon!

So, when he opened up this Pokémon blister pack from Toys R Us he was beyond excited.

Pokémon collection

He started his Pokémon collection about a year ago with a few cards gifted to him from his older brother Shaun.

Shaun was and still is a huge Pokémon fan, starting from his love of Pikachu in the 90s.

As a first grader I remember making a Pokémon alphabet book with a Pokémon for each letter if the alphabet to help Shaun learn his alphabet. What had been a struggle suddenly became easy and he learnt the entire alphabet in a few days.

He even still has his duvet cover from when he was little …that is how big of a Pokémon fan he is.

It was little surprise, as Hamish watched his older brother play Pokémon go and learnt the Pokémon names from the trading cards, that he absolutely loves the Pokémon too.

Thus started Hamish’s collection and we now have cards, collector discs, tins, files, t-shirts, plush toys and plastic figures all from the Pokémon series.

Pokémon blister pack

These particular blister packs are the third installment of the Scarlet & Violet series, which continues to explore the Paldea region.

With these, your child will discover new Pokémon and strategies to expand both their game play and collection.

Each pack contains :

  • A collector coin
  • 3 promo cards
  • A booster pack of collector cards
  • A code card to play Pokémon live

What your child can learn playing Pokémon

If you know almost nothing about Pokémon ( like me) …. you will know that the cards are great to promote reading in young kids, as children read more of what they interested in.

Once you find your child’s interest it is easier to get them excited about reading and the cards have quite a bit of reading on them for kids to read to you.

They also teach problem solving, boost memory skills, promote social skills, and develop strategic thinking, all whilst your child unwillingly and very happily keeps playing.

And that is why, even though we have Pokémon cards all around our house, I am happy to encourage Hamishs Pokémon collection.


Pokémon cards available from Toys R Us 







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