4 ways to play with your cereal box

Whilst shopping this weekend we treated Hamish to one of his favourite Kellogs froot loop cereals.

Thanks to consumerism we can now buy these boxes with baby shark or a gorgeous mermaid at twice the price.

None the less I love that these cereal boxes often contain kids activities so that the card of the box can be reused.

Last weekend we had a baby shark themed box and made some fun baby shark puppets

and this week there was a lovely mermaid paper doll on the back.

After cutting out the printed mermaid , I looked at how else we could use our cereal box to encourage learning through play.

Here are the ways in which we used our cereal box to play.

1. Make a puzzle

We cut the front image panel off of the cereal box and cut it into a puzzle.

This is especially great for younger kids to practice building their own puzzles.

You can start with 2 pieces and work your way up to your childs puzzle building ability.

2. Letter hunt

We are currently learning letters and to read so it was great fun to have Hamish search for specific letters on the box.

You could do the same with words or shapes.

Or ask your child to find curvy letters, letters with tails, letters with straight lines.

See who can find the letters of their name the fastest, etc.

3. Eye spy

This age old game can be played only using the cereal box image.

For younger children try eye spy a colour or a shape instead of the letter of a word.

4. Cut and create

Give your children scissors, glue and paper. Let them cut out the box and create a new picture onto the paper.

Most importantly, have fun.

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