Make your own personalised pillow case with wax crayons

To celebrate Hamish turning four years old I wanted to make a personalised art work that I could add to his keepsake box for when he us older.

So, we made our very own personalised pillow case.

You will need :

To make your own you will need:

  • Wax crayons
  • Wax kitchen paper
  • A pillowcase ( white or a light colour)
  • A hot iron

(Note- Never leave a child unattended with an iron. A parent should iron or oversee the ironing of the final product.)

How to make your pillowcase

To make the pillowcase,we used the crayon and Hamish drew himself onto wax paper. ( the shiny side)

We then turned the wax paper over onto the pillowcase and ironed on the back until you can notice the image transfer.

Use a very hot iron.

The image transfers onto the pillowcase and is now ready to lie proudly on your child’s bed.

( a reminder to write your letters in reverse or they will transfer back to front )

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