5 easy ways to reuse your birthday party balloons

All Hamish wanted for his birthday this year were balloons and a birthday cake.

Naturally I wasn’t about to let him down.


We all know how much I hate the effect that balloons have on Nature.

Waste not

Because of how much I hate buying balloons, I decided we would make these balloons last as long as possible.

A week later we still had these 10 metallic balloons floating around the house and so, I decided to craft with them ….

How to craft with old balloons

Here are 5 fun ideas of what to do with your old balloons.

1. Floating Hamish

We chose a photo of Hamish in a tube.

Cut it out and sewed it to the bottom part of a balloon. This now looked like a hot air balloon. Hamish threw it up and watched it float down.

This would be great using helium balloons. As it would look like he was floating in the sky.

2. Happy faces

I have Hamish pompoms and wool and he made some happy faces on the balloons.

A nice emotions game could be to ask your child to create the face of how they feel now and open discussion on the result.


I cut dino body parts from paper and we glued it on.
Added a flashy eye.

Note ….it’s best to use a thin card and rather tape it on as the paper was way too thin and this brontosaurus looked more like he had broken his neck.

4. Drum

Just stretch a deflated balloon over a coffee can.
Hamish glued beads and used 2 craft sticks as drumsticks.

This was the hit of the day.

We also experimented with sound to see how different things make a different sound. ( so he hit it with sticks, his hand, spoons, ect)

5. Pretty jars

This is actually really cool.

I reuse the glass jars in my pantry so this can add a pop of colour to the jars or you could use it to colour co-ordinate your spices, ect.Just trim the top of a balloon off and pull over a glass jar.

So the next time you have some balloons floating about why not pop out this post and create a fun repurpose idea.