5 family fun holiday ideas for tweens

Keeping your tweens entertained and off their cell phones or PlayStation can prove somewhat of a challenge.

Here are 5 ideas we used when my older kids were just entering their teen years. It was first published on the Fun mamma SA Facebook page in 2012.

Try out these ideas for family fun:

• Go on an around-the-world picnic with your family in which each person chooses a food from a different country and you share the meal. Each person can tell the other family members more about the country and meals you eat.

• Why wait for Halloween, simply pick a summer night to wear costumes and tell ghost stories.

• Ask each family member to photograph a day in the life of another. Vote on the best photos of each person and add them to a family scrapbook. Do this once a month until each person has had the chance to step into each family members shoes.

• Each week someone can choose a different place for a walk or hike, whether it’s around the neighbourhood or a national park. Joining a park run as a family is also a really good way to bond and keep fit.

• Create a summer fun kit. Add items that everyone can play with at the beach or pool. You could add a frisbee, balls,inflatables or other outside games.

Most importantly remember your child is now entering a stage where they are trying to break away and become more independent and even though they may not always want to, always ask them to join in the family activities.

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