Busy Bean Christmas bucket review

This review was sponsored by Busy Bean- Kids Art & Craft Supplies and Activities. The opinions are my own.

Bear recieved a Busy Bean – Kids Art & Craft Supplies and Activities Christmas bucket yesterday and I had intended to show you one craft a day but both bear and I can’t resist a good craft project so when there’s a whole bucket of crafts you have to imagine that we going to get stuck right in.

Bear loved the bright Christmas coloured bucket and I love that we can reuse the bucket at the beach, to store craft supplies or as the perfect storage space for his decorations.

I’m also contemplating turning it into the elf’s house but bear won’t let me near the bucket yet 😂🤣

There are 5 crafts in the bucket and only one of the crafts ( the hat) was a little to hard for bear but an older child of about 4/5 years should manage this with a little mamma help.

You get a beaded elf ….which is great for fine motor skills, practicing that threading and sequencing skills. Bear loved this and needed very little help.

Next we made the elf door. Again he managed with me just cutting the one stick and directing him as to where to paste items.

There’s some lovely round Santa belly gift tags that require mom to cut out for little fingers. Older children will manage this without much assistance.

The wreath and candy cane decorations were bears favourite and he loved the tactile feel of the smooth foam and the soft pom poms. We got to practice that sequencing skill again trying to make the candy cane have a pattern. I cut the shapes for bear and he did all the pasting.

Lastly there are 3 stunning little wooly hats, that for some reason I just couldn’t make, so I used the tutorial on the website. Bear lost interest in this really quickly as he is a bit too young for this one so I sat ( happily) making little hats. It’s actually really easy to make but will need mom’s assistance. And in case you wondering why we only have 2 little hats….it’s because bear ran off with the green wool and a piece of toilet roll intended for the craft and dipped them both into his poster paint ….I’m still not sure what he was making 😂🤣

The directions are very easy to follow for each projects and you can find a tutorial for each on the website www.busybeanbuckets.co.za.

I loved that we can file each individually printed craft sheets to reuse again next year.

I absolutly love the Busy Bean products and this little bucket is the perfect Christmas eve gift to keep little fingers busy , for special times with grandparents or to take on holiday.

All items you need, except scissors are included.

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