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Use the bath bomb mould kit and add a little home made luxury to your bath

We were sent this absolutely stunning Bath bomb kit from bath bomb moulds

Hamish and I chose bubble gum flavour and 2 colours but when we mixed it up he decided he only wanted orange.

The kit comes with all the ingredients, 1 scents and 2 colours that you choose.
There is also an easy to use mould to get that perfect round shape and detailed instructions to follow.

Making our mould

We first placed all the dry ingredients and colour into a container and after melting the coconut oil we added the oil and liquids.

Lastly we spritzed with witch hazel ( which wasn’t as hard as I’d first imagined when reading that the witch hazel will activate the bath bomb)

After getting the right consistancy ( that of wet beach sand) Hamish and I placed the mixture into the mould and made our first bath bomb from the kit.

It was so easy to form the bombs with a mould and I may just be addicted because I’ve already popped onto the website to see what other moulds I can buy 🤦‍♀️

This was such an easy kit to use and the quality is really good.

The kit makes 6 bath bombs we made 4 and a half because Hanish thought it was a sensory tray and loved the feel of the powered mixture between his fingers. Bonus is my dining room floor now smells of bubblegum 🤣

This would make such a great teen birthday gift, party idea or bath suprise for the crafter like me who loves to indulge in bathroom luxuries.

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Painting marshmallows with milk paint

Painting marshmallows is a fabulous activity to keep the kids busy.

You will need:

  • Marshmallows
  • Fork or kebab stick
  • Milk
  • Small containers to hold colouring
  • Paint brushes
  • Food colouring


Pour a little milk into a container and add a few drops of food colouring.

Do this for each colour you are going to use.

Attach a marshmallow onto a fork or kebab stick so your child can hold the marshmallow nicely while painting.

Let them use a paintbrush to decorate their marshmallows with the milk paint.

The white marshmallows are best to paint on as the colours are more vivid.

Instead of using a paint brush you could also let your child paint using ear buds.

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Fairies in a jar

I first shared this cute little craft way back in 2012 on my newly started Fun mamma SA Facebook page.

After our fun visit to The magic garden at Word of birds in Hout bay today, I thought I’d share it here on the blog as we made one after coming home.

Fairies in a jar!

This cute craft is very sweet at magic themed parties both as an activity or as a take home gift.

The children will love the way the fairies shine.

You will need:

  • 1 jar
  • 1 thin glow stick (cut off both ends and drip onto a disposable plate/tray etc)
  • Glitter


  • Flick glow liquid into jar covering as much surface as possible in tiny dots.
  • Sprinkle glitter in
  • Close lid and shake
Image source unknown

Enjoy a little magic 💞

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Toilet tube crafts – making a bee

I’m a huge fan of reusing and repurposing as much around the house as we can and one of the items we often use in our crafts are the inside of toilet tubes.

They are versatile and inexpensive. With a little paint and some creativity you can create a wonderworld of crafts all year long.

Today we are making ….

A Bee

Bee craft

You will need:

  • Toilet tube
  • Yellow paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black marker
  • White paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
What you need


Set some scrap paper down for your child to work on as this can get quite messy, and let them use the yellow paint to paint the whole tube.

Paint the toilet tube

When the paint is dry use the marker to draw on the details for the bee.

Next draw a set of bee wing outlines on the white paper and have your child cut out the wings.

Glue the wings onto the back of the bee.

Bee mine 💞
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Busy Bean Christmas bucket review

This review was sponsored by Busy Bean- Kids Art & Craft Supplies and Activities. The opinions are my own.

Bear recieved a Busy Bean – Kids Art & Craft Supplies and Activities Christmas bucket yesterday and I had intended to show you one craft a day but both bear and I can’t resist a good craft project so when there’s a whole bucket of crafts you have to imagine that we going to get stuck right in.

Bear loved the bright Christmas coloured bucket and I love that we can reuse the bucket at the beach, to store craft supplies or as the perfect storage space for his decorations.

I’m also contemplating turning it into the elf’s house but bear won’t let me near the bucket yet 😂🤣

There are 5 crafts in the bucket and only one of the crafts ( the hat) was a little to hard for bear but an older child of about 4/5 years should manage this with a little mamma help.

You get a beaded elf ….which is great for fine motor skills, practicing that threading and sequencing skills. Bear loved this and needed very little help.

Next we made the elf door. Again he managed with me just cutting the one stick and directing him as to where to paste items.

There’s some lovely round Santa belly gift tags that require mom to cut out for little fingers. Older children will manage this without much assistance.

The wreath and candy cane decorations were bears favourite and he loved the tactile feel of the smooth foam and the soft pom poms. We got to practice that sequencing skill again trying to make the candy cane have a pattern. I cut the shapes for bear and he did all the pasting.

Lastly there are 3 stunning little wooly hats, that for some reason I just couldn’t make, so I used the tutorial on the website. Bear lost interest in this really quickly as he is a bit too young for this one so I sat ( happily) making little hats. It’s actually really easy to make but will need mom’s assistance. And in case you wondering why we only have 2 little hats….it’s because bear ran off with the green wool and a piece of toilet roll intended for the craft and dipped them both into his poster paint ….I’m still not sure what he was making 😂🤣

The directions are very easy to follow for each projects and you can find a tutorial for each on the website

I loved that we can file each individually printed craft sheets to reuse again next year.

I absolutly love the Busy Bean products and this little bucket is the perfect Christmas eve gift to keep little fingers busy , for special times with grandparents or to take on holiday.

All items you need, except scissors are included.

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Make potato snail trails

Day 6 of the Kids Art Challenge with Mini Matisse Diaries and Dala is snail.

This really got me thinking.

I decided to carve a potato snail for bear and let him make snail trails with paint.

Apparently when you 2 years old snails go broom broom as they trail around

To make your own you will need:-
Sharp knife

To make :-

Cut a slice of potato and fashion it into a snail. The potato needs to be thick enough for the snail to stand.

Dip the base of the snail into paint and slide it on the paper to make a trail mark.

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Make a paper dream catcher

The theme for Day 2 of the Kids Art Challenge with Mini Matisse Diaries and Dala was feathers.

So bear and I made some paper coloured feathers and glued them onto a dream catcher.

How to make your own

To make your own dream catcher

You need :-
1 sheet of white paper
1 sheet of brown card
Dala Crayons


Use your crayons to colour a large sheet of white paper.

Cut this into 4 feathers

Cut the brown card into a circle , removing the inner.

Wind the cotton around the circle.

Glue on the feathers

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Make a leaf print shirt

Day 1 of the Kids Art Challenge with Mini Matisse Diaries and Dala was the theme leaf.

So bear and I made a leaf print t-shirt.

To make your own leaf print t-shirt…

You need:
Dala fabric paint

Method :-

Place a piece of card inside your t-shirt to stop the paint going straight through.

Paint the leaves with paint and stamp onto the shirt.

We used glitter glue to add bears name but this will wash out after the first wash. To keep it permanent use fabric paint.

Leave to dry

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A little spring adventure

I love spring ….

The colours. The growth. The new life all around. So for Spring day bear and I got up to a few fun Springtime activities

1. Nature walk

Living in a flat isolates us from being in nature daily but we are lucky enough to live near the neatly planted Mycity garden lanes. These are really great and we can walk almost up to the beach along them.

They also make the best place to examine flowers and find bugs.

Bear and I took a short walk down the lanes as we were looking for Spring time flowers to make our pressed flower picture.

2. Collecting flowers

Because it was spring time and I really wanted to press some flowers with bear I allowed him to pick a few.

Usually we have very strict rules about just picking flowers or breaking leaves.

He chose his flowers with alot of care before picking them.

3. Spring picture

Making the spring picture was really easy and alot of fun. I let bear do it by himself. We placed flowers on black card and wedged them between a photo frame.

4. Examining bugs

Where there are flowers there are bugs and bear found a dead beetle on the table amidst the flowers. He was really facinated and very gentle with the poor dead bug.

5. Planting leek

We had one lonely Checkers mini left and I decided spring day was the best time to plant that. So bear got to work planting his leek.

I must admit the bad rains in Cape Town killed all of our other plants so let’s hope this one grows.

6.learning what plants need to grow

Bear recieved this cute winnie the pooh plant your own sunflower kit and so we spoke about what pooh and piglet were doing in each picture.

7. Planting sunflowers

Lastly we planted sunflower seeds in this tiny pot and will hope they grow. Sunflowers are my favourite flower and I usually plant them every year.

We would love to hear about your spring time activities in the comments below.

Happy spring everyone

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Butterfly prints

The first two things that come to mind when I hear the word spring are :- butterflies and flowers.

So it was only natural that we would include a butterfly in our Spring time crafts.

I showed bear how each side of the butterfly was the same ( symmetrical) even though he may be a bit too small to grasp what i was explaining.

To represent this I tore a butterfly shape from paper and on one half put dollops of paint.

Then I closed it in half and opened slowly to reveal the symmetrical printed butterfly.

To make your own butterfly print

You need:-


🦋Paint in a variety of bright colours


🦋Tear paper into a butterfly shape

🦋Place paint onto one side of the butterfly only

🦋Close the butterfly in half, squashing the paint

🦋Open the butterfly slowly to reveal the image


While your butterfly is still wet with paint you can use it to make butterfly prints on other pieces of paper by placing it down slowly and peeling it off again.

Happy spring time