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Is your child a KRAZI AWSUM KID ?

Every mom believes we have the most beautiful, wonderful and amazing children but how often do we remind our children how wonderful they are?

Now, you can gift your child with a positive affirmation to remind them just how amazing they are.

Krazi Awsum gifts and goodies have launched a range of slogan tshirts for the whole family to remind them just how KRAZI AWSUM they are !

Hamish loves his and likes to shout out “I’m krazi awsum” as a positive mantra. I love that he is developing a strong self value and when he forgets how wonderful he is, this shirt is a cool reminder should I forget to tell him often enough.


Krazi Awsum kid Tshirts R150 each

Krazi Awsum mama / papa

KRAZI AWSUM custom shirts for any family member:


Or how about reminding someone what a great job they doing or celebrating a special milestone ….

Krazi Awsum:
Bride to be
Matric 2020

This design is copyright Krazi Awsum gifts and goodies 2020

( Last orders for 2020 are 1 December in time for printing )


Or follow Krazi awesome on



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Wooden threading sheep and the benefits of teaching a child to thread items

Hamish recieved this little wooden threading sheep yesterday from Wool craft sa.

Wooden sheep

Beautifully crafted, this little sheep is accompanied by a wooden sewing needle and several mini soft balls of wool.

It is the perfect size for a toddler or preschooler to hold and would make an excellent christmas stocking filler or quiet time activity for travelling as well as being an essential learning tool for preschool.

Our experience

For someone who hates threading I was pleasantly surprised when Hamish immediately started sewing through the holes on the sheep.

In the beginning he struggled to get the wooden needle through and you could swop this for a plastic needle whilst your child gains confidence in the task, as the plastic needle will require less effort to slide through the holes.

Using more strength and effort however exercises the little muscles in the hand and finger.

This really was a hit straight away and by the time we were 5 minutes into this fun fine motor activity his sheep was called Sam and he happily kept threading because sheep need to have wool on them.

Invitation for learning

With his new found interest in Sam the sheep we were able to open up a conversation about sheep and where wool comes from.

Benefits of threading

Threading is so important for little ones as it helps with fine motor development and other important skills that are essential for drawing, writing, doing up buttons, tying shoe laces and opening/closing lunch boxes later whilst at school.

Threading also assists with:
. Visual perception skills
. Visual motor skills
. Increases concentration
. Enhances planning skills
. Inspires creativity

For some little ones threading beads can be difficult as they try navigate the thread through the holes so the introduction of threading/lacing activities are a much easier and more fun activity as they gain the skill and confidence to start threading items.

This little waldorf threading sheep retails at R75

You can purchase this from Natural Yarns

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Fun maths games with Building Genius by Moluk

We are huge fans of the Moluk design brand and I can not recommend these open ended toys more.

Read my reviews on the awesome bilibo and oibo

So you can imagine our excitement when Straight_zigzag sent Hamish the latest product – Building Genius.

This soft, safe, silicone construction toy comprises of 3 of each of the brands popular products – Mox, Hix and Oibo.

Truly toys that grow with your child and can be used from baby stage.

With so many uses.

  • Your baby 0 -1 year can grasp and sense.
  • Toddlers 1-3 can stack and build.
  • Children 3 – 12 can imagine and invent.

We spent some time exploring the products and using them in lessons to:

  • count objects
  • sort colours and shapes
  • identify shapes
  • do maths sums
  • build

We also used them in play….

  • Hamish used them in free play with water to experiment with volume
  • we turned the hix into boats and see who could blow them across the bilibo fastest
  • he rolled the mox balls to the bilibo
  • practised throwing and catching with them
  • and he played with them using his imagination creating robots

The hix fold into 3 sizes and are great for fine motor development as your child manipulates the silicone into it’s different sizes.

The mox balls have groves that could look like eyes and slits which Hamish calls a mouth. You can post items inside for your child to get out or let them squeeze the sides to open the mouth.

The oibo are also flexible and the mox fit inside. Hamish loves to pop the balls in and manipulate the sides of the oibo to get them out.

How to use the Building genius in lessons

Nothing excites me more than a toy we can use in lessons, mostly because I know that I will immediately have Hamish’s full attention and that he will grasp the concept a lot faster because he is enthusiastic to play.

I jumped straight in by introducing the building genius to our next maths lessons.

We’ve been working on sizes and Hamish categorized the hix into:

– small, medium and large

-big, bigger, biggest

-small, smaller, smallest

Next we reinforced categorizing and sorting by placing the items on a piece of paper to match the colours.

Lastly we reinforced shape names and properties by looking at the hix, mox and obio and discussing what shape they were and how many sides each had. Then Hamish grouped each onto a piece of paper with its corresponding shape.

Using familiar objects and favourite toys in learning activities makes learning a concept much more enjoyable.

So, although Hamish loves to build and create his own items with this lovely set, he also loves to add them to his learning time.

I love the possibilities of play and learning that this set of toys offer and can’t wait to share the new and innovative ways we find to introduce them into our every day learning and play

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The Baby wombworld night light and sleep training clock

Hamish has recently transitioned into his own bed and we were faced with two problems …

1. To find a small light that he could operate if he needed to get up at night

2. To find a way to regulate his sleeping pattern and keep him in bed a little longer

The Baby WombWorld night light and sleep training clock

I was immediately drawn to the compact and stylish Baby WombWorld night light and sleep training clock.

This ingenious clock is inspired by nature to simulate natural sunrises and sunsets, allowing your child to wake up naturally, gently and more rested.

Using 6 soft hues of green, red, blue, pink, orange and indigo and a white light that vary in brightness on one of 10 levels.

How does it work

To simulate a sunrise the lights will start on level 1 brightness and gradually brighten to a level 10.

For the sunset, 30 minutes before sunset, the light automatically starts to dim from level 10 brightness down to level 1.

Our experience

We’ve been using the nightlight/ clock for a little over a week and I was eager to see if we could set a routine for Hamish with it.

He would wake anywhere from 5am to 7am depending on if he had slept during the day or if he had gone to bed at 8pm or just after.

Because we still wake him at night to go to the loo, he was also sometimes only half awake when he woke up in the morning and obviously then niggly and not as rested.

The first two days I wasn’t sure we were actually going to make much difference and Hamish continued to wake and come to me.

A week later, he now wakes with the alarm, preferring the natural sounds to the radio and his body has found a natural rhythm of waking at 6.30am each morning.

This gives me some time to wake before him.

He’s also more rested during the day and less inclined to be moody, and I’m still waking him once at night to go to the toilet.

Best of all I find by 7.30pm he’s well and truly done for the day and ready for bath, story and bedtime.

Extra features

The Baby WombWorld night light and sleep training clock is an alarm clock and light that will grow with Hamish.

The design is stylish and will compliment any room.

It has a digital time display, alarm function and snooze button.

Your child can choose to wake to the FM radio, which is great as they get older or any one of the 6 natural sounds.

The light plugs into any plug point, uses a DC 5v battery or USB and if there is a power outage you can use 2x AAA batteries to keep to your childs sleep routine.

Watch our review

Where to buy your own Baby Wombworld night light and sleep training clock

The Baby Wombworld night light and sleep training clock is avaliable from

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3 Trending Technology gifts for kids this Christmas

Christmas time is the time for gifts and festivities, but how many of those gifts last into the New year?

Many parents are choosing to invest in technology gifts to help their children to foster a development of skills and knowledge that will equip them for tomorrow’s workforce.

Whilst the assumption that doing this may force children to grow up too soon, as parents, we also need to remember in our ever changing world, toys are advancing.

Technology toys range from STEM building kits to children’s tablets, loaded with software to encourage knowledge and learning in a wide variety of learning areas.

Making technology toys a winning combination of fun, imagination and learning.

The perfect gifts to invest in.

What are STEM toys

STEM stands for Science , Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Toys or learning kits that fall onto this category are thse that promote the learning of these areas.

You can read more about Stem for kids. And see an example of a first stem kit for preschoolers.

My top 3 technology gift guide

So, as a mom what would I be choosing ?

Here’s my list of the top 3 trending technology toys for 2019

1. Smart watches

Smart watches are widely available. They start at a price range of R300.

Most smart watches are touch screen and have a variety of features, but as parents our favourite feature is the GPS tracker.

With these watches you can also do two way chats, send an SOS, SMS, voice chat and have App remote monitors.

They are compatible with iOS or Android smart phones.

2. STEM kits

STEM is the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

There are many kits that encourage learning trough play by building and constructing these robots, solar transportation, creations and experiments.

You can buy simple kits that start at a price range of R50 from Game, Makro, 4akid and Takalot

3. Kids Tablets

Children love to use mom or dad’s phones and tablets.

Instead of fighting to use your phone or tablet, equip them with their very own safe educational tablet which usually comes equipped with educational games, pre-installed programs and applications.

These start from around R350 and are suitable from 3 years. Most tablets offer a warranty and come with parental control.

But how do you know which tablet to buy?

I found this guide from Pixelsmithstudios helpful.

This year give a gift that will keep them entertained, is durable and empowers your child to learn the skills through play.

Do you have any other Technology gifts you would add to this list? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

You may also enjoy reading about :

The Christmas kindness advent calendar

10 essential Christmas gifts for your baby

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Fun Mamma SA Product of the Week – Grow Baby birchwood teether

I’m a huge fan of Grow baby products and was delighted to find this little birchwood teether in a Huggies gift bag from the Mammamagic expo.

Who are Grow Baby ?

Grow baby are a proudly South African company that supply premium wooden toys and nursery decor.

Using only imported birchwood, you are guaranteed of a premium product that you can safely give to baby when purchasing from Grow baby.

All products are lovingly designed by an occupational therapist and a team of moms, ensuring that the toy you purchase is both functional, and can aid in babies growth and development.


Made from 100% natural birchwood and finished with beeswax, these beautifully crafted, wooden teethers are designed to fit comfortably in a little hand and ease the ache in a teething babies mouth.

Introduced from about 3 months you can use these sturdy teethers to encourage baby to exploring the world by having them learn to grasp and chew.

These teethers are safe for baby as they have no choking hazards like cords or chains. They are also non toxic and anti-bacterial.

Sold in reusable bags in sets of 4 for R90* a set ,you can choose from any of the following themes:

🔹️My first friends

🔹️ My first words

🔹️Animal teether

Did you know that if you buy the teethers as a gift Grow Baby will gift wrap them if you have left a note on your order.

*price correct at time of publication