Blindiana – Coffee for a cause

If you are anything like me, my day does not start before I’ve enjoyed a cup or 3 of good coffee.

Blindiana Mocha Java

This week whilst exploring the friendly town of Worcester, Worcester wine and olive route and Worcester Tourism gifted us with a bag of Blindiana range coffee from Innovation for the blind.

Innovation for the blind have a delicious range of coffee packaged by the visually impaired

Coffee range

This delicious range of coffees is packaged by the visually impaired and is in collaboration with Beans for Africa, who are well known for their commitment to excellence.

Their range comprises of:
Blindiana Range – a dark roast
Blindiana filter – a medium to dark filter roast
Blue mountain – a medium to mild blend
And the Mocha Java– a medium filter roast.

About Innovation for the blind

Innovation for the blind is situated in Worcester, famously known as the care capital of South Africa.

This non profit caters to the all inclusive special needs of the visually impaired and have done so since 1881

You can support them by purchasing their range from Shoprite or Checkers in the Western Cape or if you visit Worcester, by visiting Blindiana Barista Coffee shop and venue centre.

2 Replies to “Blindiana – Coffee for a cause”

  1. Thank you so much for the sharing of this Judy, I love the blog and what it represents, I think we all tend to miss the actual importance of what Worcester actually is all about. It is not just the wine or the fun, it is all about the people! We do tend to be blind to what matters most to everyone, now we tend to call other people visually impaired, think we should open our own eyes a bit and return to reality.

    1. I love that Andre … you are so right,so often we tend to be blinded and not see the reality of things. Thanks for sharing

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