Peppa Pig Giant Snakes and Ladders Boardgame – Toy Review

Toy Name : Peppa Pig Giant Snakes and Ladders floor game
Manufacturer : JumboDiset
About the toy : 
This large 80x 80cm PeppaPigs Snakes and Ladders board game has been designed for 2-4 players. The cute board is brightly printed onto durable plastic making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. Players choose a circular plastic marker with one of the pig family depicted on it to move around the board. The game comes with giant foam dice which is easy for little hands to hold.
The board shows the Peppapig family with various expressions throughout the board and your child will enjoy the illustrations of their favourite characters as they learn the rules and to take turns.
Your box consists of:
1 plastic board game
4 counters
1 foam dice
Skills : 
social and life skills
taking turns
being a good loser
following instructions
Age : 3 +
Price : unknown at time of going to press
Stockists : Amazon

My thoughts :

Play rating : *****
Play rating explained 
*****  love it !
****   A great game 
***     I would buy this but …
**       Who made this toy ? 
*         Take this off the shelves ! 

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