Prepare your daughter for her first period with a Luna Angeli period kit

I remember when my eldest daughter was about 7 years old, I read in a magazine that some young girls can experience a period from as young as 9.

I was in a panic.

My own first period had been a shock at 15, one that I was ill prepared for and convinced I was going to die from. My mother embarrassed, hurriedly told me it was normal, happened each month and handed me a packet of pads with instructions on how to use them.

There was no special welcome to womanhood or discussion on the changes my body was going through.I really did not want my own daughter to go through the same scarey experience.

I remember reading up on the best ways to speak to her and how to prepare her. I’m sure we fumbled through the experience. With my youngest daughter again I tried to prepare her and really wished there was something out there that helped mom’s explain the important information as well as show your young lady just how special her first period actually is.

Luna Angeli

Luna Angeli Kit

Now, mom’s of girls can order a beautifully designed Luna Angeli kit to help your daughter celebrate her first period.

There are a variety of kits to choose from, each one designed to educate your young lady, equip her to be ready and add some spoils to celebrate this milestone in her journey to womanhood.

Kerri Anne received one of these beautiful kits – the Luna lily.

Luna Angeli’s beautifully decorated box

The beautifully decorated gift box opens to a treasure of items.The first thing you find are two letters.The first is personally addressed to your daughter. Inside she will find all the information she needs for her first period from how her body is changing, how to use sanitary products to tips on how to deal with what to do if she bleeds through.The second is a letter addressed to you.Under this is a treasure trove of spoils for your little girl.

First period kit

Kerri’s box contained :-


💕panty liners

💕 hot chocolate and mini marshmallows


💕a toiletry bag to keep the pads in




Her reaction

Kerri came home from school and found her Luna Angeli gift waiting for her on her desk. She was at first suprised and then her reaction was really sweet as she opened the box to discover a gift just for her that was full of spoils.

I asked her the following questions:

1. Do you like the box ?

Yes, it was a nice surprise.

2. What was your favourite item in the box ?

The hot chocolate and marshmallows

3. Do you think this type of box would have been helpful when you were younger?

Yes, it would have made me feel special and less nervous about my first period.

4. Do you think your friends would appreciate a box like this?

Some of them because it’s hard for them to speak seriously with their mom’s. And I have one friend who lives with her dad, this would have been great for her because then she wouldn’t have felt embarrassed discussing her period with her dad.

5. Was the information in the letter helpful?

I really like that it had my name on. That was very special. The information was very helpful, especially all the tips inside. It’s easy to read and understand.

6.If you had to rate this box out of 5 in how much of a thoughtful gift it is for young girls what score would you give?

5 ….I think it’s a really cool gift. It makes you feel special and has all the information we need for our first period . And it has chocolate.

Thoughtfully written letters

I really love these kits and have referred them often. They are thoughtful, informative, and a wonderful way to celebrate your little girls’ first period.

To learn more, visit :Luna Angeli

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