Use the bath bomb mould kit and add a little home made luxury to your bath

We were sent this absolutely stunning Bath bomb kit from bath bomb moulds

Hamish and I chose bubble gum flavour and 2 colours but when we mixed it up he decided he only wanted orange.

The kit comes with all the ingredients, 1 scents and 2 colours that you choose.
There is also an easy to use mould to get that perfect round shape and detailed instructions to follow.

Making our mould

We first placed all the dry ingredients and colour into a container and after melting the coconut oil we added the oil and liquids.

Lastly we spritzed with witch hazel ( which wasn’t as hard as I’d first imagined when reading that the witch hazel will activate the bath bomb)

After getting the right consistancy ( that of wet beach sand) Hamish and I placed the mixture into the mould and made our first bath bomb from the kit.

It was so easy to form the bombs with a mould and I may just be addicted because I’ve already popped onto the website to see what other moulds I can buy 🤦‍♀️

This was such an easy kit to use and the quality is really good.

The kit makes 6 bath bombs we made 4 and a half because Hanish thought it was a sensory tray and loved the feel of the powered mixture between his fingers. Bonus is my dining room floor now smells of bubblegum 🤣

This would make such a great teen birthday gift, party idea or bath suprise for the crafter like me who loves to indulge in bathroom luxuries.