Inspired by the daffodil fairies We make Flower fairy pictures

Today’s craft use up the last petals of the now dying roses I was given. I couldn’t throw them away as they were so pretty so Hamish made flower fairies.

I drew the outline of a boy and a girl fairy and he decorated them using the parts of the flowers.
This also gave us the perfect opportunity to break open the flower and discuss the parts that make up flowers and the function of each.
They came out so much prettier than I had first imagined. We then pressed them along with our dried flowers to preserve.
To make your own you will need: 
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Flower petals
Method : 
Start by drawing your fairy outline. I drew a boy and a girl.
Next let your child break apart the petals and place them on a plate, ready to glue onto the picture
Using strong glue, glue the flower petals on as clothing.
Leave to dry

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