Toilet roll seed starters

This year especially we have been very focused on our impact on the environment and how we as one small household can do lots of small things to do our part towards sustainability and to lessen our own carbon footprints. After a discussion about recycling and decomposable materials, we made a few seed starters to transplant some cacti that I want to plant into bigger pots.
We used an idea found on Facebook and it was easy enough for Hamish to follow.
I cut the toilet roll in half but ideally, you can use a full roll per plant.
You will need:
1 toilet roll tube per plant or seed
Potting soil ( we used garden soil that already has plants growing in it)
Plants in seeds
To make
Cut the base as shown in the last image.
Fold in to form a pot.
Fill the pot with sand
Add plant or seed
Water and place in a sunlit area.

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