Make an easy threading apple for your toddler

Over the last few years, Hamish and I have shared some really great learning through play ideas, and I’ll be reposting these on a Monday.

A little nostalgic look back at some of my favourite projects and some inspiration for those moms who are new to following us.

I’ll start with an easy cardboard craft that took little to no time to prep and which kept him busy for ages.

Threading Apple

To make your own you will need:
⭐️Piece of card
⭐️Crayons, markers or paint
⭐️Thread, string, wool or a shoelace
⭐️Beads or soft foam to make the worm

To make:
🍏Draw and cut out an apple shape. Next, cut out a few holes.
🍏Colour your apple using crayon , markers or paint.
🍏Make a worm
🍏Join the worm to the apple with a thread and let your child move the worm through the apple holes by threading it through.

Activity for children 18 months -3 years

Download the craft card HERE



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