A Bucket list of Photos to take of your child at the beach

We all love those Instagram worthy moments taken on a sunny day as the waves crash onto the shore. The images that scream of perfection and beg to be printed and displayed for all to see.

If like me, you only manage to get your children to stand still long enough to catch the odd happy smile and back of someone’s head you will understand the importance of this bucket list of photos to take of your children to remember your beach holiday memories.

Holiday bucket list

Children running away from the camera into waves.

• Photos of your children near or on the dunes

• Close up of shells in their hands.

• Your surname written in the sand.

• A photo of everyone’s feet as you stand in a circle.

  • A photo of everyone’s shadow

• Your child running towards a flock of seagulls that are flying away.

• Your children jumping on their sand castle.

• A “bird’s eye view” image of your children building a sand castle.

• Your Child watching the ocean as the sun sets.

Most importantly remember to enjoy the moments. Pack away the camera and built the castle, splash in the ocean and be part of the memory.

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