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This book review is in collaboration with Kids Book ClubTitle:Explorer StoriesPublished by :Igloo Books

About the book

5 captivating stories of adventure that will keep your preschooler engaged and entertained.Join each of the children on a new fun adventure from zooming off to Jupiter to discovering glittering treasure under the ocean.Nigel goes on safari but is dissapointed that the animals are so quiet until a cheeky monkey changes all that and Nigel has the best day ever.Bonny and her dad have a fun adventure planned with the hot air balloon man but the wind has other plans. See how dad navigates the skies and Bonny gets the best birthday gift.Ed and Ella are exploring the old space rocket at dad’s work when they roar off into space. A space dog named zog helps them get home safely but not before showing them around Jupiter.Sally and grandpa set off to discover the lost treasure under the ocean. They see so many beautiful creatures but will they find the treasure?Ally is sleeping over at her Aunt but is afraid of the dark. Aunt Jane takes her on a magical night time adventure to show Ally just how much fun night time can be.Recommended reading 2-7 yearsThe opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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