On Friday morning I was treated to a seat at the Mommy Wellness Mothers day breakfast at Sanctuary mall in Sommerset West.

We arrived to a beautifully decorated area where we were hosted by Pulp Kitchen. To one side stood a pamper station where the expert staff from Mommy Wellness day spa sat ready to give your hands a massage.

Each guest was greeted with a goody bag, lucky number and welcome drink of ‘champagne’ and orange juice sponsored by JC leroux

The first thing that caught my attention were the flowers. Simple but stunning. Each small bouquet a statement on its own.

I attended with Nicole ( Raising K Squared), Simone (Mamma to the power of 4) and Nadine ( Nadine Smallberg blog) . I’m quite convinced we were the loudest group – you just can’t take us bloggers anywhere.

The food was scrumptious. I had a healthy breakfast bowl and enjoyed the not so healthy cup cakes served later.

There was a lovely guest speaker and we enjoyed an entertaining fashion show sponsored by Earth Angel clothing.

The goody bags had some really terrific sponsors and we were well and truly spoilt.

A wonderful way to start my Mother’s day weekend 💖

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