6 parenting communities you need to join

Online mom communities to join

The old saying goes it takes a villiage to raise a child.

Months of lockdown has seen an increase in moms reaching out for support, guidance and to bridge the gap of loneliness that we can often feel as busy moms.

But you are not alone.

Social media has proved that there are amazing communities to hold a moms hand, guide her. Keep her company and educate her.

Here, is a list of the communities I couldn’t live without.



Lynne Huysamen runs the increadibly popular parenting blog Kaboutjie and hosts a Facebook group for moms to join, chat and find the information to the questions they may have.

Die Naguil klub

die naguil klub

This group of friends bring an inspiration station and digital villiage for Afrikaans moms to join.

The Villiage

The Villiage

For moms of older kids you will seriously suffer from FOMO if you are not part of Vanessa Raphaely’s tribe at The Villiage.

The villiage also have a digital magazine called FOMO … subscribe now !

Parenting hub

parenting hub

Parenting hub has long been one of my favourite platforms and Julie Hide runs a few community groups for parents to join.

Parentinghub parents of children

Parentinghub pregnant couples

Parentinghub parents of toddlers

Parentinghub parents of teens

Baby yumyum

baby yum yum

Baby yum yum is a parenting portal that host a safe community group for parents to join with no judgement.



Momsays is owned by Shaney Vijendranath and is a great community group for parents to educate themselves on all things parenting.

Whatever your stage of parenting, South African moms are ready to reach out hold space for you, offer guidance and share their knowledge.

You are not alone …join the right community for you and reach out.


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