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Oh my Goodness…healthy eating choices for kids

One of the things we are increadibly strict about is giving Hamish the option of healthy snacks to nibble on.

Especially during the pandemic when we need to keep our immune systems at their optimal best.

Knowing this we try to keep fresh fruit and yogurt in the house daily.

However we have lived through a few weeks of quarantine and self isolation over the last 17 months and have found that giving him dried fruits and other forms of healthy food options that he a longer shelf life to be just as beneficial to his overall nutrition and health.

One of those options is the Oh My Goodness snack range from Checkers.

oh so goodness snacks

About the range

The Oh My Goodness range was developed for Checkers in 2017, by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsy and his daughter Matilda.

These were designed as on the go or lunch boxes snacks and they are especially great for packing in as healthy lunch options.

The Oh My Goodness range includes :-

  • Mini rice cakes- these include no MSG and are gluten free.
  • Health bars – are raw with no added sugar or preservatives.
  • Fruit gums – these are artificial flavour and colourant, preservative and sugar free. They contain 99% pure fruit.
  • Cookies – with 30% reduced sugar.
  • Berry flavour sparkling water – made from natural spring water and high in vitamin C.
  • Yogurt melts- these are freeze dried fruit and yogurt drops.

Other products

Oh my goodness also have a range of easy to heat up ready cooked toddler /child meals.

All meals are MSG free with no added sugar or salt and contain no preservatives or artificial colours or flavours.

My thoughts

Overall I’ve been very impressed by this range and have used it since 2017 for Hamish.

I especially found it helpful when trying to pack a busy school lunch box in the rush of a morning and to quickly heat up a meal if I cooked something for the family I knew Hamish wouldn’t eat.

He loves the range. We currently buy them weekly, however as a busy and active boy of almost 5 I do find the snack portions quite small and find myself often offering 2 snacks instead of 1.

But they make the best on the go snack for little ones.

Oh so goodness for kids

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