A letter to my son …

My dearest son

I hope that you grow up the way I try to teach you.
To firstly and most importantly be kind to everyone.

To try to show love to those who make themselves unlovable and if you can’t love them to let them be …. gently ….because you will never change the heart of someone with hate or anger.

I hope you see the best in people, and when those around you show their colours as faded, I hope you use your judgement to choose wisely, those who you keep close beside you.

I hope you become brave. Brave enough to stand up for those who are voiceless, the weak and for your own values and beliefs but in doing so, I hope you remember to treat others with respect and tolerance.

I hope that in becoming brave, you do not destroy the very cause you stand up for but instead use each opportunity to learn or teach.

And in the moments that you can’t, in moments that overwealm you or in the things you do not understand, I hope you will find council in wise friends.

And at night when you sleep I hope you remember to give thanks and ask yourself did I love enough today.

Love always,

Your Mommy

Ps …the world will always be big and hurtful. It will challenge you and often be unkind but never forget to look in the forgotten corners for the light bringers, the lovers and the lonely because in these three you will find your best friends, the reasons you live and the way to help others 💞