Meet the brand – Dando Coffee

It’s no lie that I love a good cup of coffee and recently I tasted the delicious Dando coffee.

It was heavenly!

So, I thought, who better to start the Meet your brand series with an interview from Carlos, owner of my own personal coffee brands, Dando coffee .

Dando Coffee

Tell us a bit about your brand:

Dando Coffee started with the quest of providing the perfect cup of coffee.

Our focus is on creating a perfect cup of coffee backed by exceptional service and a personal touch.

We at Dando Coffee have created 5 unique blends, each as individual as you. 4 caffeinated and 1 decaffeinated.

The name Dando means to give in Spanish and we at Dando like to give back. We donate a percentage of coffee sales to African Tails who do an amazing job at educating and helping poor communities with stray cats and dogs. We are proud to be associated with African tails.

Inspiration to start Dando:

They original owner was an avid coffee lover and when he couldn’t find that illusive perfect cuppa he decided to create his own.

He travelled the world visiting different coffee farms on all continents.
He settled on six different origins and selected the best farms from each area to provide the raw green coffee beans.

After many attempts and experiments with blending he finally settled on the 5 blends we now have.

His passion and his quest for perfection is still the backbone of Dando, my passion is not only coffee but customer service so I have married the two and Dando now has 2 primary objectives, perfect coffee and exceptional service.

Vision/mission for brand:

My vision and mission are the same that is to grow Dando Coffee into a household brand.

My wish is that when people taste our coffee they can taste and appreciate our passion for our product.

Favourite product:

My favourite blend would probably be the Red as I enjoy a stronger coffee but normally suffer the effects of it (stomach) but with Dando Red I have no side effects but still get the full flavour and smoothnes I look for.

About me the owner behind Dando:

I have always been in sales and my strength lie in customer service and building brands.

A very good friend of mine started the business 10 years ago and I really liked the product and direction he was taking it.

Recently I had the opportunity to buy the brand and business and took it as I wanted to take it to new heights where the brand deserves to be. He is still involved in an advisory capacity as his experience is unsurpassed.

Favourite quote:

Instead of saying what if it doesn’t work? – say what if it does? No great achievement has come from doubt.

Advice to a new brand:

Simple, do your research and go for it, competition is good because it proves that the idea, concept or product works, find you USP and stand out.

And good luck even the hardest working most successful people had some luck on the way.