A list of virtual tours, field trips and live cams around the world

With schools not open as much, and much more time spent at home many parents are wondering how to both work and entertain children whilst respecting the social distancing needed during these times.

One of the ways that you can keep your children entertained and learning is through the use of virtual tours, live cams and virtual field trips around the world.

I have compiled a list for you and will keep adding to the list as we discover new amazing places to visit


1. Aquarium

Two oceans aquarium

Monterey bay aquarium

Seattle aquarium

2. Zoo

The San Diego zoo

Smithsonian National zoo

Houston Zoo

Woodland zoo

Brno zoo

zoo Atlanta

Milwaukee zoo

Indianapolis zoo


Farm tours – A list of some Canadian farm tours:-

  • Milk & cheese
  • Dairy cow farms
  • Grain farms
  • Sheep farm
  • Mink farm
  • Egg farm
  • Egg processing facility
  • Canadian feed mills
  • Oat farm
  • Apple orchard
  • Pig farm

4. In the wild

African safari


The Louvre

The national gallery of art – American art gallery

Interesting Places

1.South Africa

A virtual drive through Baviaanskloof

2. Around the world

The great wall of china
Yellowstone national park

Panoramas of the world – a variety of interesting places around the world

Mount Everest

The secrets of Easter island

3. Geography

Explore an estury


Colonial Williamsburg – American history museum

The Smithsonian – American natural science museum

John Muir exhibit – Anerican naturalist and conservationist

The museo Galileo – museum dedicated to Galileo

Boston children’s museum

Du page children’s museum

Paso Robles children’s museum

The virtual toy museum

Heins history centre – toys of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s

Lincoln children’s museum

Museum of play

Marx toy museum

Andersonville – Confederate military prision during the American civil war



This is an on going list and I will add new resources often. Check back regularly or join the mailing list to get news of when new resources are added