A mini Easter egg hunt

Tomorow we are taking the family to Intaka Island for an Easter egg hunt. I’m quite excited as it’s the first hunt I’ve ever been to that I haven’t hosted or assisted to host. It looks like a lot of fun and Intaka is so beautiful that even without the eggs it’s worth the visit.

So, this morning I set up a small hunt for Hamish at home. I used the plastic eggs he has been collecting and a few marshmallow eggs as Hamish, although offered , doesn’t have that much of a sweet tooth.

I tied some string to a special box we bought from Busy Beans and painted some bunny prints onto the tiles with left over colour from a colour run.

Then I scattered the eggs and his Easter bunnies along the steps , placed his basket at the top and called him to come see the surprise.

He was so excited as he made his way down the stairs collecting each egg and placing it in the little red basket.

He even stopped to give his blue bunny a Thank you kiss.

Once all the eggs had been collected and the basket was full, Hamish had to follow the string to find what was hiding on the end.

He found a trail of yellow bunny paw prints in the lounge.

Hamish was mesmerized. In fact he was more impressed with the bunny prints than he was with his actual gift and spent a while after opening his Easter bunnies examining the paw prints.

At the end of the string I had tied an Easter box. Inside was a paint your own Easter biscuit with a cleverly made paint palette of smarties, a bunny picture frame to paint with some powered paint and some Easter clues.

We didn’t use the clues as Hamish is a bit too young and I added 2 small chocolate bunnies into the box. This is about as much chocolate as Hamish will actually eat.

This was Hamish’s first real Easter hunt and his reaction was one of pure delight.

I can’t wait to see his reaction tomorrow.

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