How to make a sensory fizzy swamp

As the mom of a toddler son life can get messy.

He loves mud, sand and dirt as most boys do . After our visit to see the crocodiles in the green “mud” at Le Bonheur, Hamish is rather obsessed with green swampy mud.

Yesterday I made him his own swamp to splosh and sploosh his animals in. Here’s how you can make your own green sploshy sensory mud pool.

You will need:-

🔹️ Therifics Natural magnesium bath fizzle fun

🔹️ Egg white

🔹️ Hot water

🔹️Green food colouring

How to play

🔹️We already had egg white on the floor as we were doing egg and spoon races and a few eggs dropped , but you could separate 2 or 3 eggs and keep the egg whites. These give the swamp a slimy feel.

🔹️Next add half a cup of Therific Naturals Magnesium fizzle fun. I used the blue as the scent is Hamish’s favourite.

🔹️ On top of this sprinkle a few drops of food colouring. The more drops you add the darker it will be.

🔹️ Slowly add the hot water, which helps the Fizzle fun to react and start foaming. Mix in and play.

To get extra messy and for a really interesting sensory experience you could add sand to your swamp as well.

Hamish really enjoyed this and it was great for us to start a discussion on which animals live in swampy type of areas.

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