When last did you have an egg and spoon race ?

When my older, now adult children, were little no Easter was complete without an egg and spoon race.

This year Hamish was old enough to do his first egg and spoon race and the excitement ran high.

I always use fresh eggs as it’s much more fun when they splat on the floor and the kids fall into heaps of laughter because someone broke their eggs.

You could also use chocolate eggs, plastic eggs or boiled eggs.

A table spoon works best and this year I gave Hamish a blue plastic spoon.

You could make it more difficult for older kids by giving them a teaspoon to balance their egg on or a wooden spoon.

As it was raining, we had an indoor race but usually these are perfect where your child can run around.

Where ever you choose to have your egg and spoon races always include extra eggs, because someone will always break one.

But this is all part of the fun.

Happy Easter.

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