balloon static electricity

Teaching your toddler about static electricity – a fun STEM activity

Today after Hamish had his nap I used the balloon that he had been playing with earlier and was now next to him to show him how if we rub our hair with the balloon it will make our hair stand up.

He thought this was very exciting and I decided to go online to find more fun experiments to show him how static electricity works.

I found this exciting science experiment over at Steve Spangler Science to demonstrate static electricity.

You will need:

1/4 cup of mazina

1/4 cup of cooking oil


Wooden spoon



How to :

🔹️Mix the two ingredients in a bowl.

🔹️Blow up the balloon.

🔹️Rub it on your hair to add charge to the balloon.

🔹️ Place some of your mazina mixture into a spoon and hold it close to the balloon.

What Happens ?

You will notice that the gloopy mixture starts to move towards the balloon. As you get close enough the gloopy mixture will jump from your spoon onto the balloon.

Why does this happen?

By rubbing the balloon on your hair, electrons from the molecules in your hair rub off onto the balloon. This gives the balloon a negative charge which is attracted to the positive charge of the gloopy mixture.

Other ideas

This was a lot of fun and Hamish and I decided not only to give each other awesome 80’s puffy hairstyles with the balloon but to also use it, once charge to pick up small pieces of paper.

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