A quick note to the mamma raising a strong willed child

“Strong-willed kids are the leaders of our future generation. They are the kids who go against the grain and pave the way. They are the ones who will become business owners and emergency room charge nurses and school principals and police commissioners.
Raising a leader requires extraordinary parenting. Your child doesn’t just need a normal amount of patience and guidance from you. He needs extraordinary patience and guidance.” 
This quote above is from Preschool Inspirations and I think it explains spirited, strong-willed, and large-personality kids so well.
After raising a few strong-willed kids my advice is to allow your strong-willed, big-personality, spirited child the opportunity to grow, develop and discover their world without breaking their character.
Set rules and boundaries but encourage them not to change who they are to fit a mold.

You are raising a leader mamma …you need to be his/her first cheerleader. 

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