How can you protect your child from back-to-school germs? Some healthy habits can serve as an immune booster for kids, helping them fight off pathogens more effectively and recover faster.

Here are four healthy habits to help boost your child’s immune system. 


1. Encourage a healthy diet: Children should consume a variety of foods daily from the five major food groups: vegetables, fruits, starchy carbohydrates, protein, and dairy.1


2. Ensure they get plenty of ZZZs: A good night’s rest not only improves academic performance, memory, and behaviour but also boosts immunity.2


3. Keep them active: Physical activity contributes to children’s overall health, which may support their immune system functions.3

4. Reap the health benefits of probiotics: Taking care of your child’s stomach is the first step toward a healthy lifestyle, as the majority of the immune system is located in the gut.4 Reuterina junior® 5, coupled with Reuterina® Vit D6 drops, can play an important role in how the gut functions including boosting the immune system.7


The Reuterina® family of probiotics are available from Dis-Chem and Clicks stores and independent pharmacies nationwide.  For more information, visit: and join the conversations on Instagram and Facebook.




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