A world of make believe

In the heart of every little boy lives a brave and powerful knight dreaming of adventures, epic journeys, and dragons to slay.

With his trusty steed and shiny sword he knows no danger as he bravely saves the day.


Where do our modern day knights find the most well made armour to keep them safe?

We found Sir Hamish the Brave this well crafted knights sword and shield set from Icarus Fairy Wings 

Knights sword and shield set

Knights sword 

The 72cm wooden knights sword is lightweight and beautifully decorated to resemble a replica of a Medieval crusader’s sword.

I love the leather around the handle and the added embellishments that finish the swords authentic look. This to me, truly sets the swords design apart from others that we’ve seen as it adds to the realism while Hamish plays.

There are no sharp edges and the sword is well finished.

Combined with the Knights shield, your child’s imagination will be the limit as they dream up wild adventures chasing mystical creatures.

Knights shield

The wooden red dragon shield design resembles a Medieval Knights sword and was even more impressive in real life than it was in its website image.

Hamish, who is only 7 and just learning about the life in the Medieval times and who is uttery captivated by the tales of King Arthur and his knights, immediately recognized it as a Medieval shield.

The shield measures 48 x 40cm, with a sturdy handle on the back making it easy to hold and a great addition to the dress up corner for kids 3  years and older.

Made from two wooden cut out shapes, the shield is surprisingly light enough for kids to run around carrying it.

The neatly painted red dragon is my favorite feature and adds to the imagination as you watch your brave knights chase after a mystical beast.

As a mom, I’m always eager to add to our dress up box with good quality, durable and reasonably priced costumes amd accessories and so, I was glad to see that you can purchase the sword and shield as a set or individually.

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Fantasy play

Fantasy play is often underrated and yet offers such benefits to your child’s learning and development.

As we know Play is the work of children and that it is through play that a child learns about the world, expresses their interpretation of that knowledge as well as their emotions and has a safe space to explore, discover and create.

By encouraging your child to engage in fantasy play you are allowing them to step outside of their world for a few minutes, become creative, develop their story telling and problem solving skills and regulate their emotions.


If you are lucky enough to join them in their play, you get to view the world through their eyes.

About Icarus Fairy Wings

Situated in the Garden Route, the increadibly creative, Rosemary, creates exquisite Fairy Wings and other beautiful accessories to enhance your child’s imaginative play, as well as the highest quality fantasy Fairy Wings for weddings and special occasions.

You can view her products here :


Her talented husband, creates and hand makes the wooden swords and shields.

You can view more of his products here :


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