Absolute Craft Taproom , A timeless treasure of taste.

We ventured down to D’vine Estate, in Paarl, today to attend a function only to discover this tiny taproom on the gorgeous estate surrounded by the Dutoitkloof mountains.

Hidden amidst the buildings , the outside of the taproom misleads you to the timeless treasures you will find inside.

Once inside your eyes are immediatly attracted to the bar at the end of the room.

I was taken by the small details that surrounded the bar. The snooker balls on top of the craft beer taps, a rustic wooden crate holding snacks and a beautiful red protea.

Above the bar , the names of the currently avaliable beers and gin along with their pricing is listed in a stylish metal board offset with beer bottles.

Taste test

I must say admit I do not drink beer and am not much of a spirit drinker but I did give the pretty pink gin and tonic a taste.

The gin was refreshing and the sprig of lavender floating amidst the ice made this the perfect girly drink. It wasn’t a drink I would order again as I personally don’t enjoy gin ( not that I’ve tasted much of it ) but the women with us both enjoyed it and recommend it. I do however love the label.

Brent said the beer was great and stood up well against many of his favourite craft beers. He also took the opportunity to try all varients, in the name of science of course 😛

They have a fridge that stocks bottled beer and gin and tonic mixes allowing for you to take some home.

Timeless Treasures

Aside from the refreshing drinks and quaint rustic feel the tap room boasts many tributes to a time past. Vintage tv and radios adorn the room.

Posters of the Beatles on the wall and an old radio player immediatly caught my eye with my teenage daughter asking what new invention this was.

So if you looking for a relaxing afternoon and a trip down memory lane pop in and taste the taproom refreshing beers or gin.

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