What happens to your body when you add pink Himalayan salt to your diet ?

I’m sure that you’ve all seen pink Himalayan salt in one form or another. Many of you may even have read an article on the benefits of adding it to your diet but for those who, like me only knew it was good for you and not why , I thought I’d share what I recently learnt whilst adding pink Himalayan salt to our diets.


Originating in Asia , it is believed that 200 million years ago a bed of crystalised sea salt was buried under a layer of volcanic lava.

Over time the salt was preserved from the elements by the layer of lava which had formed into rock. Because of this , these salts have been untouched by man or the environment and are therefore in pristine condition.

Trace elements

Our bodies contain 84 trace minerals. These 84 trace minerals needed to sustain our bodies are also found in pink Himalayan salt.

A few of these trace minerals are :

▫️Sodium chloride















Benefits of using Pink Himalayan Salt

By adding Pink Himalayan Salt to your diet not only are you helping to maintain your body’s optimal health but you are also ingesting less sodium per serving as this salt is less refind and therefore served in larger sizes.

Some of the other health benefits are :

💮Improved vascular health

💮Improved respiratory and lung function

💮A stable pH balance of your cells

💮Combats aging effects

💮Improved sleep habits

💮Improved sex drive

💮Reduced levels of muscle cramps

💮Improved hydration

💮Strengthening of the bones

💮A lowered blood pressure

💮Improved blood circulation

💮Detoxification of heavy metals

What is the difference between table salt and Pink Himalayan Salt?

As you can see from this comparison table from Curejoy there are quite a number of considerable differences.

Table salt is more refined, less salty and contains impurities where as Pink Himalayan Salt is less refined, more salty and pure, not affected by impurities.

Many of the minerals in table salt are lost in the purification process while Pink Himalayan Salt contains all 84 minerals and electrolytes.

Table salt, if eaten in excess can cause high blood pressure whilst Pink Himalayan Salt aids in blood circulation.

Pink Himalayan salt contains a natural iodine, where iodine is artificially added to table salt.

Table salt contains an anti – caking compound where Pink Himalayan Salt doesn’t.

My experience

I was recently gifted a packet of Pink Himalayan Salt by ItWorkx. This neat packet of fine salt sat on my counter for two days before I finally opened it .

I don’t cook with much salt and for me I found I could add less salt to a meal and my family didn’t notice.

They have however noticed it is much more salty and have all started adding less when needing salt in their food .

I’ve found my husband who eats alot of salt isn’t adding additional salt to his meals anymore.

The salt also feels softer. I took a fine grain but you can also purchase a coarse salt varients.

As for the health benefits. I will only see that over time but I’ve removed table salt from our diet completely.

For more information on ItWorkx or their Pink Himalayan Salt products visit their website

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