When my son was a fairy and I didn’t freak

Today we visited a kiddy play area and they had a gorgeous dress up section.

Little bear was being watched by Kiki and her friend, who in their bordom decided to dress bear up as a fairy.

Now when I say fairy what I mean is cute 2 year old boy with gorgeous red locks of hair and bright blue eyes that look straight through you dressed in his superhero black t-shirt and sporting a crisp white tutu that is bigger than him with a delicate flower crown to finish off the outfit.

Well bear loves it. He hopped and pranced and roared at us. He frog jumped and ran around with the other kids who were all dressed up.

I was fine with it.

He is two years old. This was fun and he wanted to play.

I sat giggling at the cute photos I had captured and how this was the perfect photo to use at his 21st, when I saw the man seated next to us give me a look that could have frozen hell over twice.

He looked down his nose. Grunted in that unapologetic manner that people get when they about to deliver a sermon to you in 15 different levels of know it all and shot me a disgusted head jolt that made him look semi possessed.

He then loudly to his wife said ” Sis they dressing that boy like a girl ”

I so badly wanted to respond but decided that I would be wasting much of my breathe and so I kept my opinion to myself.

I wasn’t really bothered by his disgust in bears wardrobe as I was at the fact that he took something completely innocent and tried to make it fit his box of conformity.

For bear dressing up as a fairy wasn’t about gender. He wasn’t dressing as a girl, he was simply putting on an outfit like his friends to play.

Bear is 2 years old , his imagination is just developing. How sad that children are restricted from using their imagination because we as a society have preconceived ideas of what should be.

Bear didn’t harm anyone by wearing a tutu. He wasn’t embarresed because he doesn’t know what that means and he also doesn’t comprehend gender stereotypes.

So to the man who was disgusted in my son playing and having a fun time I wish you days of rediscovering your childhood. Hours of imaginative play with no boxed restrictions but mostly I wish you fairy wings and a pink tutu so you can feel the joy my bear felt as he ran around giggling with his friends.

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  1. Love this.. I whould have had the conversation with the guy.. And given him something to think about xx

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