Hi-Tec’s selection of outdoor clothing & accessories for women.


Women’s Day has arrived and what better way to celebrate our women than celebrating their achievements and their contributions irrespective of any boundaries!

From women who cherish the serenity of hiking and camping to those who prefer the lively atmosphere of brisk walking in the city, Hi-Tec offers a diverse range of products that cater to all these passions.

The LEO Collection, that recently launched is a must-have for those ladies who lead active lifestyles, the LEO collection, that stands for “Live Extra Ordinary” is tailored for dedicated outdoor runners or fitness enthusiasts who embody the chase for an extraordinary lifestyle and Hi-Tec’s LEO Collection provides the perfect comfort.

Introducing the Leo Swirl Crop Top, expertly crafted with targeted compression to offer as much support and comfort while always on the go with extra elasticity for shape retention ensuring zero shrinkage throughout the day. This dynamic crop top is also equipped with wicker material to absorb all of the moisture, keeping the fabric dry ensuring a fantastic workout – without any discomfort and distraction.

 And of course, the Leo Swirl Crop Top comes with a perfect complement – the Leo Swirl Tights. Designed with the same matching pattern, these tights  provide exceptional comfort and support throughout the day. The added convenience of a pocket detail allows you to keep all your essentials handy whenever you need them!

Hi-Tec’s innovative gear does not stop there. A woman never leaves the house without her bag and Hi-Tec has ensured that every woman can be equipped with the perfect hiking bag for any adventure.

For the women who are always prepared for any situation and think of every scenario, Hi-Tec has designed the perfect and comfortable backpack to store all your needs. From your sunscreen to a first aid kit, the Hi-Tec 25L Pioneer bag is fully equipped to handle the load and is available in two colours, offering a wonderful mix and match option. Described as the “Urban Traveller’s Dream,” the Pioneer bag features multiple zip-lined pockets, ensuring secure storage for important items. Whether you’re embarking on city explorations or venturing into the great outdoors, it is the perfect partner.

Whether your favourite weekend activity is trailblazing or hitting the gym, the Hi-Tec Geo Collection has got you covered. The GEO Collection offers a shoe to match every outfit, with a soft blue colour pallet that can be styled with any wardrobe. The Geo Nakuru is a great addition, with a FOAM midsole designed to absorb shock and guarantee comfort throughout all activities while having the benefits of a M-D Traction rubber outsole to properly secure your grip and provide great cushioning

Every woman knows the importance of getting the matching jacket, and the best part is that you can have it guilt-free with its 100% recycled repreve polyester filling! The Flen Collection puffer jackets are coming to the rescue this winter, with their THERMO-TEC insulated feature designed to lock in all the heat and DRI-TEC water-repellent feature to lock out any moisture from the rain.

Hi-Tec understands that each woman is unique, and so are their passions. Each collection is encapsulated with distinctive fashionable and technical features – there’s a collection for every woman!

 Visit any Hi-Tec store to shop the styles and collection or check out for an easy online shopping experience.

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