The foot is the body’s only physical contact with the ground, it is the foundation. It’s one of the body part’s that is used every day to get us from point A to point B, and the way we take care of them has a huge influence on the way we feel. 

FITFLOPknows that in order to have happy feet, you need to have comfortable soles“We may not be there to give you that much needed foot massage, but we’ve definitely put the importance of shoe soles at the top of our list.” says Kirsten Goosen, who is the Digital Marketing Manager and Visual Merchandiser.


FitFlop is scientifically designed for comfort in mind. Every FitFlop product has so much time and thought put into making it.

Created in the state of the art biomechanics laboratory in Calgary by two of the world’s leading Biomechanics experts, the “Microwobbleboard” technology achieves extraordinary comfort by using a triple density midsole to absorb shock and diffuse pressure across the whole footbed. The result is a sandal that leaves your feet feeling as comfortable when you take them off as when you first put them on.

FitFlop recently launched their Vitamin FFX sneakers range and to celebrate the brand isFor the Tech Campaign the brand will be doing a beach clean-up, a fun run as well as working with influencers to bring awareness to the brand and campaign.


The aim of the campaign is to teach people that the right footwear can help keep your feet healthy, make your physical activity easier and help keep your body safe from injury. Goosen says “FitFlop believes that if you want to live an inspired life, you´ve got to start with a great foundation.” FitFlop’s mission is to raise the world’s energy and help people live life to the fullest by creating wellness products engineered to work with the body so they can move better and feel great.

Vitamin FFX Knit Sports Sneaker, which is manufactured with Neodynamics technology and is biomechanically engineered for exercise, sports, gym activities and running. The Vitamin FF features recycled and reprocessed materials, and simplified upper, as part of FitFlop’s e01 project to create more sustainable footwear,” it added.

Below are the materials used:

·                  Recycled PET polyester in knit upper (75%), heel/tongue webbing (100%), laces (50%).

·                  Insole foam – 30% reprocessed foam.

·                  Midsole – 10% tea stalks.

·                  Outsole – 10% reprocessed rubber.

FitFlop has continued to strive towards the best comfort and durability using a combination of materials and techniques and have built upon the staple sole-unit that is the “Microwobbleboard”.

The FitFlop brand has been a game-changer since they entered the scene in 2007. When it was generally accepted that a shoe could not look good and feel great, especially after hours of wearing it. They responded with a sandal that combined both style and world-class science.

To shop the eco-friendly Vitamin FFX sneakers and a wide range of FitFlop footwear for men and women online at FitFlop, or visit a Trenton store near you!


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