Adding a little colour for spring

Winter woes

Winter are the longest 3 months of every year. I freeze … and not just the delicate soft wimperings of “Oh I’m cold” but the howling gales of “My bones are freezing.”

I don’t need much more than a slight winter wind or a soft trickle of rain to have me dragging out my scarves or jackets and firing up the hot water bottles.

I hate winter!

With it’s dreary colours and grey days. With its miserable people and layers of clothing. Winter is, to me, a depressingly cold season. It’s a time of hiding under the covers waiting on the clouds to blow over.

But spring …

Oh I love spring . I almost feel my body become lighter and my spirit happier. I am calmer and ready to face the world head on. Spring , with her new growth and bright colours reminding me of warmer days and the ability to shrug of winters dusty coat.

Feeling colours

I attended a talk at Starke Ayers a few weeks back and the manager, Martin, spoke about “feeling the colours of the seasons”.

I felt I was truly amoung my kind.

As an expressive creative person, this phrase spoke volumes to me. I feel the colours of my days everyday. (You will all remember my rant about monochrome and why children need colour in their lives.)

For me the clothing I choose, my hair colour, the pen I write with and even the mug I pick all represent the colours of my mood and day.

So, I decided I wasnt quite feeling spring yet and my home still resembled the grey pallet of a cold dreary winters day.

I decided we needed Spring …..NOW!!!

We had a small garden box made from pallets in our back yard and I moved it to the front of our teeny tiny flat to add some colour and do a little gardening with bear underfoot.

Gardening with a toddler is a challenge at the best of times but it was very cute as I watched bear rush about like a busy ant helping me.

We pulled weeds, swept the front and planted geraniums into the garden box.

Bright red, happy geraniums to welcome those coming into our home as well as to welcome spring.


Now I’m no gardener but I really love these popular terrace and balcony plants. Not only are they bursting with colour , they are also low maintenance. Even with my lack of gardening skills these durable insect repelling plants should still grow bright happy blooms of flowers.

There are 250 species of Geranium and they are native to South Africa. I was interested to learn that the essential oil from certain geranium can aid in depression and stress. Also there are varients that you can eat. ( although you should always find out which ones before just happily taking a bite out of your garden geranium.)

Now that I’ve added this beautiful box of colour to the entrance of our home ……lets just hope I remember to water them!

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