Things that go bump at night …

It’s been a while since bear woke during the night and I’ve begun sleeping like a real person again, resulting in a less mom-bie resemblance.

If he does wake, I pop him his sport bottle with some milk and he nods back off to sleep.

Occasionally, a nappy change is needed first as I find bear can wet through his pull up. And we all know a wet bed is no place for a warm sleepy toddler.

This morning, not thinking, I handed him his chocolate milk and watched him roll back over. I mentally high 5-ed us as awesome parents for bear being able to:-

☄ stay in his bed without needing to get in with us

☄go back to sleep so easily

Weeeeeeeell…. I clearly spoke too soon as I could now hear him muttering about his blanket, and tossing about. Thinking he was finding it a bit harder to go back to sleep I ignored him until it sounded like he was right next to me .

(Those who don’t know, bears single bed is in our room so he is never too far away)

I decided it was the right time to give him a cuddle and check that nappy. Maybe he was wet?

I don’t put the lights on when I get up at night , as we live on a main road so there’s enough street light that filters through for me to fumble about in the dark.

I stood up and right at my feet was a little heap of bear, blanket and teddy. All hudling on the floor and trying to get comfy.

My heart shattered….

But I guess at least he wasn’t climbing in with us. Right?!

I picked up bear and discovered every inch of his warm PJ’s soaking wet. No wonder he had woken up and tried to move to a warmer, less wet spot.

We did a quick nappy and PJ change and as we speak I have a snuggly warm bear between us enjoying a warm bottle of tea and nodding back to sleep.

As for us ….

Well, we both now wide awake and have coffee. I wonder how much caffine is drunk during the universal 2am shifts ?

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