AESOP’S FABLES by Miles Kelly

We never travel without a book !

On our holiday the first stop was to buy a new bed time book.

We are currently reading chapter books and I couldn’t find any in the small toy shop we visited on the Natal coast and so chose this beautiful book of Aesops fables by Miles Kelly

The pictures are bright and fun and the stories condensed into one or two pages each.

The book contains more than 80 of Aesops fables and is a great way to teach little moral lessons as well as grow vocabulary ( there are many words not commonly used in today’s stories) and a easy way to introduce and explain metaphors and idioms.

The book is split into thene sections including :

  • Funny fates
  • ¬≠Challenge and chance
  • Narrow escapes

And features old time favourites like The boy who cried wolf and The tortoise and the Hare.

The end if each fable has a simplified moral, making these easy for young readers to understand.

Perfect for ages 4 -8 years


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